Woody launches a new project, grabs Ing Fah-Lee Thanat to strengthen the army to receive the bang!

released a clip introducing a new project like the musical Celebrities join forces to receive the popularity

When Woody-Vuttithorn Milintachinda plays big, releases a clip introducing a new project like the musical. Opening a new office, Woody World welcomes Ingfah Varaha, the popular hottie and Lee Thanat, a bright and charming young man. Join a new project Enhance the army to receive the bang like Wowsa.


“This clip took 1 full month to make. People like to ask how today. Woody does nothing, let’s answer in a musical. Soon, Woody World will have a new show with young people joining together to create entertainment, both Ing Fah and Lee Thanat. There will also be Woody FM on Stage with the next guest. Woody hopes everyone gets good energy. This year will be brighter and more fun than ever. Please follow us, ”Woody said.

called the opening of a new era in a full-fledged manner Carry happiness and fun to serve to the audience in full carabel. Passing positive energy to Thai brothers and sisters with a heart full again Because anything is possible at Woody World. Get ready to meet new shows soon at New Chanel Youtube : WE DO