Woonsen opened her heart to tell her a new love, plans to get married or not.

New love with a young high society who doesn’t want to reveal much to the public. Lurking for half a year without telling friends

Sexy actress and businesswoman Woon Sen Wiritthipha Phakdee Prasong came out to open his heart and tell about his new love with a young high society who does not want to reveal much to the public. Lurking for half a year without telling friends because learning from past experiences Ready to tell about the future whether there is a chance to marry again or not on the WOODY FM program

picture of vermicelli today When did you start to change? ?

Vermicelli : After having been married at that time We begin to know what our life should be like after this. Living with myself for 2 years, no one. stay quiet And think about where we want to go, what kind do we like? Think about it from the first girlfriend to the current girlfriend. Because we intend that the next fan We want to be the last Because no one wants to change their girlfriends often. But everything we can’t control. Started to learn at this time, around the age of 35, that is, my life has changed to the end.

that we have been married before If you marry later, will there be a feeling of comparison? ?

Vermicelli: Vermicelli never thought that she had to get married once and then her love would end. Before Woon got married, he thought marriage was the last thing in his life. I don’t want to love again But when I actually met myself think that people have to move on That is, if you get caught up in this love that is disappointing, life will continue to be like this. It will stay here. Why should we destroy our own lives when we should allow ourselves to be happy? Even though Woon is 50-60 years old, she still hasn’t found love. Woon thinks that maybe 70 years old, maybe he will find love. No one has come to stipulate that at this age you must get married. Whether you are suffering or not, you have to live with it. If you really can’t stand it, you can’t go together, you have to go on by yourself.

What was the most down and longest period in your past life? ?

Vermicelli : Probably a period of disappointment with love, that period should be the longest. But it wasn’t that long. Well, as I thought it should be longer, but we can get strong quickly. because people around us are good

Do you have any advice for people who are disappointed in love and cannot move on? ?

Vermicelli : Don’t leave it too long. Love is uncontrollable If he doesn’t love us or we don’t love each other anymore should have a life of its own go the better way For gelatin, if disappointed by anything or not succeeding with anything. In the future or now it must be better. Always think that Jelly’s life must be better than the past and it will make us happy. But if we keep getting worse definitely die fast I don’t want to live like that I want to live the older I get, the happier I am. take experience to teach and learn from the past When you get close to something, you don’t have to go near it. Happy with anything, run towards it.

How are your current fans? ?

Vermicelli : Really, vermicelli rarely opens. Woon thinks he won’t open it at all. I feel like I don’t want people to say I quit again. Do you have a girlfriend now? It’s not something every woman is proud of having to change her boyfriend. But it is something that we cannot know that this person is our soul mate, we have to learn. If you learn and can’t go on, you won’t force it. Because Jelly is a person who already has a standing point. Woon doesn’t like people who aren’t happy with us, so let’s be friends. This person is secretly dating for about 6 months without telling anyone.

Even the Fairy Gang doesn’t know. ?

Woon Sen : I don’t know, because Covid didn’t see anyone at that time (laughs). Then Woon thought in his mind that this person, when the Covid disappeared or opened the country or what, he broke up with Woon. I thought that there was no way he could exist. Because we met during the COVID period and it couldn’t go anywhere. But Woon looked at him wrong after 6 months of dating and it still continues to this day. Mistakenly looked at him, thinking that he would meet a new society. Meet someone who is younger than us and will change, but in the end, he will still be the same.

Haven’t thought about marriage yet? ?

Vermicelli : Vermicelli never thought about marriage. since time immemorial

Is it possible to continue living? without having to decorate ?

Vermicelli : It’s possible, but it can also be decorated (smiles), letting it go naturally. never force anyone in a relationship That is, if a man asks, it’s ok if they love each other, then it’s over. but never put pressure on us that we are old and we have to get married Because Woon feels that people have to want both of them at the same time.

Have you talked about this? ?

Vermicelli : Talk, this person is cute. Woon doesn’t want to talk about him a lot. for not knowing the future I’ve learned that it’s uncertain. Even today Woon talks about him exactly 100%, how good it is, how happy it is. Next month, Woon doesn’t know if it will be like this or not. Therefore, let’s learn in private.

How much time do you give love? ?

Vermicelli : Really, a lot, probably like 70%, because Woon is also in love (laughs), likes to be in love, but no one can control love.

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