“Yacht Yongsilp” reveals his feelings for the first time and launches POW’s favorite Thai dishes.

Launched a new unboxing show, “WorDorWorWare.” The show where “Woody” will be able to sing the song that I dreamed of is about to happen, because singing alone is not fun, so invite your unexpected companions! Let’s open our mouths and sing in the car together. Focus on the music, not on the rhythm, and get excited together.

Guest debut EP. First, let’s give away the brilliance and meet the band “POW” . GRID Entertainment’s first boy group has five members: Yorch, Hyunbin, Jungbin, Dongyeon,and Hong. Yacht Yongsilp,”who is a famous Thai actor and artist that many people know very well and is considered another idol group that has received a lot of attention right now, come to show Dazzling, Favorite, and Thai song Comet Halley live, kind of very real, seeing the cuteness and naughtiness of POW boys. Yongsilp” about how you felt for the first time when you stepped into an idol group, how did you have to adapt?

What is everyone’s favorite dish?
Jeong Bin: Fried crab with curry powder
Hong: Fried basil
Dongyeon: Mango sticky rice
Hyun Bin: Mango

How did it feel when POW met?
Yacht: Well, I came after his brother. They have been training for about 2–3 years, and I’ve only been here for a few months, but they seem to get along with each other, so I feel like they’re getting close very quickly. The first time, it might be why people don’t talk much. Why is this person like this? But when they actually live together, they become different from what I originally thought.

How long does it take to tune in or does it take a while?
Yacht: Just a moment, because I’m a person who doesn’t talk much, but my brother in the band is a very good talker, and he’s always asking me to talk. When she asked me to talk, I felt that it started to relax, and I talked to her more and more. We stayed together for about 1-2 weeks and became close. Let’s hang out together.

For those who don’t know where the name POW comes from,
Jeongbin: The word POW, as the name suggests, is the sound when something is exploding, just like those of us who exploded as POW came into the industry to create a fun experience for everyone.

Before you made your debut, Yacht actually did everything, right?
Yacht: Almost everything; there’s drama; there’s modeling; there’s walking; things like that; and I made my debut in Korea when I was 17.

How do you do language ?
Yacht: I had a pre-arranged language and I went to study in the camp. He’s going to have us learn the language.

Thai fans follow you a lot. Is there anything you want to say to POWER everyone who follows?
Jeong Bin: First of all, thank you for loving us and liking us. We’ll try harder to be a cooler POW, and I’d appreciate it if everyone liked us even more and cheered us on.
Hong Hyun Bin Dong Yeon: I love you.
Yacht: I want to thank all the Thai fans. Thank you so much for following us and always watching what the fans have to say about us. Now iTunes is my number one favorite song. Thank you, really, Thai fans, for helping to spin the view for us.