A brand born from intention and cares about Woody’s health Whether physical or mental health
It should be taken care of well and appropriately. Therefore, we strive to develop products that meet holistic health needs. taking into account sustainable and happy living

Sleep Dee
In the beginning, it came from personally having sleep problems. Therefore looking for a product that helps with sleep without relying on drugs chemical free Therefore, it has been developed with experts until it was born to be Sleep Dee, a pillow spray. Helps to sleep deeply, easy to fall asleep, reduce stress, anxiety with the aroma from premium extracts, safe and effective.

Aroma Roller
believe that having good physical health start with emotion thus developing pure essential oils to heal the mood during the day help us refresh reduce pain Change anxiety symptoms to return to stability. and concentrate more balanced

Woody had been taking probiotics for many years. But in Thailand, there is still no dealer that provides a variety of species as it should be. Because the variety of good microorganisms gives different benefits. therefore intended to develop Probica, probiotics up which are produced and imported from leading factories in Taiwan Along with the most advanced technology Syntek Smart Coating guarantees that probiotics reach the intestines. Make and benefit from the full range of probiotics for sure.

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