“Taew Nathaporn” is serious about every matter in life to the point of putting pressure on himself. She says that if she gets married, she wants to have a boy.

Female heroines Taew Nathaphon Tameeruks opened up on Woody FM, updating their lives as heroines who have to be perfectionists. Until I became a person who was serious about everything and had a love story for 3 years, Do you have plans to get married? Ready to reveal that he wants to have an heir as a son.

I’ve seen you in many different versions. I feel like Taew likes to find anything that can help him develop himself. If you cut out acting now, what are you serious about?
Taew: I’m very involved; it’s about exercising. In the past, it was constantly coming out. But right now I’m going to set a little goal: I want to build my buttocks (laughs). And I’m serious about not being a serious person. I feel like everything doesn’t have to be taken seriously. Like living all the time, being a chill person is not that much. So I want to experience myself in that version.

When we look at Taew in the role of the heroine And sometimes people still frame How do you feel about this?
Taew: Honestly, I never thought of myself as a heroine of any kind. But because of the idea that makes Taew feel that it is still an obstacle, It’s a mindset that feels like we have to be good at everything. And it’s like there’s a secret pressure on yourself So it’s probably one of the reasons why we feel like we want to be perfectionists as well. But one thing that is Taew’s way out is that when it’s his own lifestyle, it makes him feel like he wants to indulge himself. I want to dress like this; I want to do anything; it’s a solution that I want to show that the heroine can do it. But I don’t feel like it’s a big problem for us. Just learn according to each moment.

How many years have you known Pranai?
Taew: 3 years.

What have I learned in the past 3 years about relationships?
Taew: I think that when we enter the third year, there will be a period where we are learning together. I hope that we want to understand him because we are not all the same. Are you trying to analyze, or do you have to do something like this? And maybe we are suffering ourselves. which Tae then thought might be a stage that allows us to learn about each other’s nature. without having to try to understand and analyze a lot. Let him be his nature, and let him see our nature. In the beginning, there might be only good sides. I saw only the good side. As time passed, it was normal for it to be seen in many ways.

Have you talked about marriage yet?
Taew: We haven’t really talked yet.

Are you ready?
Taew: It should be good. I mean, if we’re like…

If he asks you today, will you say yes?
Tae: Oops! It’s not good. Mother will hit me (laughs).

Does Taew want to have a child?
Taew: I want to. I feel that we are very respectful of mothers. It felt like a sacrifice that we thought we wanted to experience there. That’s where I feel like I want to see myself. Grooming one person gives him a better understanding of the world than we have experienced.

Do you want a daughter or a son?
Taew: If you want it, it’s probably your son. Because I feel worried about women but do not mind Anyway.