Answered! “Cheer Thikamphon” with a new start that many people are waiting to see

After the rumors that Cheer Thikamphon posted a caption to encourage which has a meaning that invites you to follow along, like “Another Chapter is Beginning.” Keep waiting.. #TheChapter” (Another chapter is beginning..) “

Until making many people wonder if there will be any good news with “Hiso Big,” which has already been revealed, That is the Chapter program, a new role for Cheer Thikamporn, who takes on the role of a talented host. There will be easy-to-understand business discussions and wow stories of interesting guests by the beginning of the EP. First too

“Sara Tum, or Tum-Nathakorn, inform quickly”, a billionaire businessman and famous Youtuber, takes you on a tour of the magnificent kingdom of Nichada Thani Village. Ready to show you how to fillet “Kaho” dry-aged fish. They also make Tom Klong fish soup. Special menu only in the world! Let the cheering girls taste it and say that it’s very delicious. Called this work to create excitement. It’s new for all cheerleaders and team members.