Alex Rendell reveals a story that is so bad that he was criticized for not being suitable for the role of the main character until a life-changing point occurred.

The big lesson of rejecting someone who can’t be Until I don’t have time for myself

Actor and avid environmentalist Alex Rendell opens up on WOODY FM to share how he felt frustrated by criticism. Being hit back by the trend that it’s not suitable to play the lead role, causing a turning point in life and the big lesson of rejecting people who don’t know how Likes to help others beyond the limit until he has no time for himself.

“Alex Rendell” are you satisfied with yourself today?
Alex : I think I’ve come a lot further than I thought. Is it normal at that time that it is in the period that we will be successful in this industry? During the 18-19 years of university, we saw that the same generation had gone far. But we still go slowly, probably as well as we walk in the way of being an actor.

which is seen in a gradual direction, gradually accumulating, is something that if we act well, intend to act in the future, we will continue to have a career in the field of acting. At this point, I think I have come a long way. farther than you think I think it has been successful to some extent. Personal life in work was successful. As we are people who always want to improve ourselves.

The word fel means lesson. Which event do you remember the most?
Alex: I feel like we fall all the time. But as we are human beings, every mistake is a learning experience. We are not easy listeners. besides meeting yourself It’s like learning something that tells yourself not to repeat the same story twice, meaning that we haven’t learned. But asked if it was the most flawed, probably during the time when we played the drama, but the heart would reach for it.

We thought at that time that we would become Is that people around us in the gorge say that you will be the next Ken Theeradet, are we like that? We thought it was going in that direction and we were about to play the protagonist in the first story. When the drama was finished, at that time Pantip was very thumping, not ready, not yet, it wasn’t time.

And it is like some kind of truth test that we have to check ourselves. It was sad then, bro. because we do not know how it will affect us But at that time we were 18-19 and thought we would go up. then it seems like someone came to make us come down like this So it’s a very good lesson. which is the turning point of many things

So I always wanted to be a good actor, study by myself, do anything by myself, try to study acting and at that time I wasn’t famous yet. So I studied with myself until I understood the performance. So I know that if I really go the way that I’m good at is to show it the best it can be. It will continue to be our career.

What you do, your path is very focused. and give back to society He therefore placed you as a good person in society. So do you have to be careful in your personal life?
Alex: Really, my life doesn’t have much except work. I don’t have the old-fashioned fellow actor society. I will only have one group of friends. That’s when after working we will meet each other, but this group, friends, family, girlfriends, just this. I feel that the more we grow, our circle is getting smaller and smaller. But it’s tighter The relationship of the people around it was getting better and better. I feel that this is all I have, it’s very happy. In my spare time, I want to be with someone I feel good with 100%.

In the past, having to socialize What do you have to do very often? And come to realize again that we shouldn’t do it?
Alex: Yes, like living in a social circle. is indistinguishable between Work relationship versus personal relationship In the past, they would be merged into one thing. and feel that after doing it for a while, it’s not When we go to live in the world of entertainment industry a lot It pulls us into what we don’t want to be. It depends on whether we can pull ourselves out or not. I’m a kind-hearted person. Rarely reject people which has been a great lesson lately

I work in the environment People will see that we are kind. which we think we are kind people When the time is right, we are very kind. Finally, the person who must come tired To be the victim is us. I have the idea that I want to go and help. want to go do Until I know it again, it’s tired of always putting other people’s feelings in front of us. Do it for other people first. We can talk about it later. which has a limit I can do it, but when I do it every day, I realize again why I’m tired. Like it doesn’t care about its own feelings willing to carry other people’s feelings to be with us in order to make him feel okay After a while it started to not work anymore.

Where do you feel that it’s not there anymore?
Alex : The point where we help others. until there is no time to do anything of their own Like me, I do a lot of things for organizations to help agencies. Help with wanting to help But in the end, our organization doesn’t walk. Because we don’t have time to come to the meeting. There was no time to settle here and there. And all the problems that arise if we go back and forth It will know what is the origin of the problem. And it’s usually because we don’t have time or we don’t pay attention to the details there. Because taking our time to give to things that are both good and bad

How did you change your thought process after that?
Alex: I think we have to take our people first. At this time, I’m 33 years old. There are many responsibilities. We have 2 companies, have a family, have dramas to play. Must make this place, everyone is tight. Everyone can be happy before we can give happiness to others. Later, I dare to refuse. I think we have reached a point where we are old enough to know what is good or bad for ourselves. There is no need to wait for the evaluation of those around us. We work hard, work hard, give heart to everything we do. Therefore, we will know for ourselves whether what we do is good or bad.