Bella Ranee prepares to be a person who thinks a lot, leaving only focus on work.

Open your heart to the top heroine “Bella-Ranee Campen” after being single, the beauty aura is even more powerful. Recently, she opened her heart on the program WOODY FM about working life that must be precise. pay attention to every detail because part of it is a person who thinks a lot And used to be a person who lacked self-confidence before, now let’s focus on work. Ready to tell about the greatest happiness and suffering in the past life.

Your life has been through all kinds of work. I’m sure Bella has many bodies. Want to know if there is no one at home when you are alone What did that figure do?
Bella: Seriously, there were very few at that time. I rarely get to be with myself or anything. But if the day he was there, he would be an ordinary, lazy person. Staying at home is a relaxing time. We will charge the battery Fully charge the power do whatever you want What time do you go to bed, watch TV here and there, eat what you want to eat?

Is it a person who must be precise with life at work?
Bella : If working perfectly Definitely not exactly From now on, will you pay attention to details like an assembler? As we sit and see him practicing Must try to see if there is someone who listens to push to hear what the customer wants this time, when we know what we want, when we walk into the set there

On the set, will you ask the director what you want?
Bella: It’s half of it. Part of it will be designed by yourself. part will talk If we have a question that we read the script about how it is here, we will talk to clear it up. Sometimes the director disagrees with us and we meet each other halfway. because it is considered that he sees the whole picture more As for us, we are responsible for the characters we play.

Today, Bella Ranee, is this your dream life?
Bella: It’s not a childhood dream. My childhood dreams weren’t so obvious. I want to work where I can travel and meet a lot of people. Being able to work that is not boring, this profession meets exactly that. But when it comes to having so many acquaintances or being famous, it’s not what we thought would happen in life. I have secret thoughts, but it’s a dream that I don’t dare to dream When I first came in whether there will be that day the day is ours But when it arrived, Oh my god, it came with a responsibility that we didn’t think it would be like this. Being a person of the people, people of the public, we have to be ourselves with more thoughtfulness. think more round I want to be a good example for everyone and do my best work.

What is the hardest thing about being Bella Ranee?
Bella: In the past, he was a person who was not confident in himself. It’s also a person who thinks a lot. It would seem like a disadvantage, but in thinking a lot, that’s an advantage that makes us more detailed. So now what do we do to break the insecurities? I mean, it’s overthinking. Is it the best or not? It’s good, isn’t it? Take a lot of our thoughts to filter and see if this is enough. In the end, it will mellow out as we don’t have to be perfect at all. It’s good to slip or let it happen in the moment.

You think Bella is funny. What kind of person do your friends say Bella is?
Bella: Yes, my friends said that I was leaking. not much is a person who likes to shoot pearls, likes to stir

When posting photos on social media, do you take a lot of photos and then come to choose or just one shot is over?
Bella: About 10. It’s not a lot of people taking pictures. Because I’m too lazy to choose, I won’t be able to choose. Take about one, if you can get it, that will be enough. There are some applications. Maybe the camera angle that it wobbles so much, that’s all our legs are left. Sometimes just doing it in a photo stretch will look more balanced. Maybe the light isn’t exaggerated. Sometimes the photos taken come out to the point that I have to ask for a mirror to see. It’s not that big (laughs), but it still has to be us.

In 24 hours, besides the show, what do you devote your time to?
Bella: Get as much sleep as possible and your health must go hand in hand. because work is almost 100% of our lives if we don’t have health to tandem It can’t go on. During this period, the work is one month without a day off. But it will be adjusted this year. I will adjust my schedule to have time to talk to myself. Give yourself time to check yourself what we are happy with lately. what do we want to do At least sleep so that you don’t have to rush to go anywhere the next day. some therapy for yourself There is time for little hobbies.

The happiest in Bella Ranee’s life. What do you think of?
Bella : Belle said it was giving. To help people or to help animals in the world like this. It is a target in Bel’s life. I want to do here. I feel that it is valuable in Belle. Also came from home. His father likes to help people a lot. help scholarship children That is, where can he help? Therefore, it is our intention that If we have it we will share it.

If you think of the saddest moment, what do you think of?
Bella : We are the ones who don’t collect much. But there will be when the father passed away. There is no greater sadness than the loss of a family member. But Belle understands nature.

What did you encounter and how did you adjust?
Bella: At that time, I was in master’s degree. And then filmed 2 dramas, one of them is Bupphesanniwat. It’s heavy, but it’s like we focus on work and we don’t feel sorry for the past. we do it all We take good care of him. That is, it is natural that everyone has to face birth, old age, sickness, and death. We try Dharma or anything that allows us to continue. And we will still work out the best. I want him to be proud that if he looks down on us, we can live okay. I held hands tightly with my mother. When your mother is bad, we will be a strong pillar. I’m an only child. Parents have taught since childhood that we must live by ourselves. because parents do not know how long they can stay with us

In the suffering that comes in, you can manage and let go more easily ?
Bella : Yes, it’s easier to place. It can’t be done right away. But we have goals in our lives. Anything that is negative energy will not be kept to oneself. Or anyone who doesn’t feel okay, we’ll take ourselves out.

I would like to ask, I have never asked the heroine this question. But I’ll ask Bella. When farting we have to go slowly in the bathroom or can we fart in public?
Bella :(laughs) Well, if we are sure that it will not smell. We can lightly fart. in public

How do you take care of your life?
Bella: Everything that I can think of. Because I work a lot, I have to take care of my health. Otherwise we can’t go on. Because work is an important part of our lives already.

In this era, many people say that you will not get married, what is your type?
Bella: Anyway, you don’t have to get married. That is, if dressing, it must be something simple, someone who is comfortable with it.

What work and love came before?
Bella: Now it’s work (laughs). It’s already seen. but if one day there is love must be balanced