“Marsha Wattanapanich” did not close the love story. but don’t think of marrying again

About love that now does not close the mind but does not think of marrying again

No matter how much time has changed, she is still beautiful and unchanged. For the diva, the mother level, Marsha Wattanapanich, who recently opened her heart on the WOODY INTERVIEW program about a love story that now does not close her heart but does not strive. let it be natural but did not think about the stage of remarrying Ready to update work life Still thinking about music and wanting to make a new single again

Woody’s office today was very excited. Especially the LGBTQ youth, raise Cha as a mother. How do you feel about this position he gave us?
Marsha: Really, P’ Cha didn’t know anything. I just know that P’ Cha’s songs in those days, the world was still narrower than now. This kind of style in Thailand is not yet abundant. P’ Cha believes that LGBTQ youth, so he feels like it’s wow! Because P’ Cha at that time was about 30 years old, she had energy and energy. It was fun at that time, like the song Music Lover. Whatever eyelashes you buy, you can think for yourself. In terms of music, I was involved because at that time I was close with Pee Nueng Narongwit, doing Sleepless Society together. After completing it, I felt that this song was cool. Cha wanted to make music that was modern. Because before, P’ Cha was all slow songs. We want a quick song. so we sit and talk It was intense then.

P’ Cha knows, right? When people hear Music Lover, it creeps up. From sitting like something possessed?
Marsha : (Laughs) Someone told me.

Do you want to make more songs soon?
Marsha: I want to do it, I’m thinking about how to do it in a beautiful way. The world is changing very fast. Sometimes P’ Cha also feels confused as to which way to go. because with the fact that technology is coming so fast We also can’t use as many functions as the phone has.

In the dimension of being alone for many years Has anyone come into your life? Think love is enough for us I can be alone Or do you think that if there is, it can be there?
Marsha: It’s not that many years (laughs), really, it’s the person who always says that if there is, if found, it’s okay, it’s not closed and it’s not hard. is to let it be natural

5 – 6 years ago, did someone flirt with you? Because you’re an introvert?
Masha : He must have shown any symptoms for us to know? came to talk to us more than usual or something But not to the extent that I ever met that I would flirt with you I haven’t seen anyone come in that hard.

Dating and getting married, is that step still in our heads?
Marsha : Never thought about that step. Because P’ Cha feels that the steps are difficult. Suppose that if It’s difficult to talk to each other or what is good for each other.