“Poo Praya” revealed the most touching words the second he was proposed! Tears flowing, thanking “Ingfah” for appreciating her.

“Poo Praya” surprises “Ing Fah Waraha” in the program “HELLO ENGFA Ing Fah Maha Na Tor”. This event made him scream! and extremely shy. Because I’ve secretly admired Pu and Praya for a long time, they revealed their feelings to each other with the utmost emotion and tears.

In the program that the sexy bride, Poo Praya, reveals, how is the person he wants to live with?
Poo has been through every moment and time with life. He was someone who used to be very into love. and always disappointed in love. I liked making difficult choices when I was a kid. What is easy will not be chosen. People who get along with us easily don’t choose. The chosen one will have to adjust all the time. In the past, I liked to run after people. But now, when we choose the most important person to marry, is to choose the person who chooses us. The person who wakes up every day sees us as the best. And we can see that he admires and honors us. Then you can be like a friend and be yourself. In the past, Pu felt that if she was with anyone, it had to be Poo Praya all the time, like she had to be beautiful. It’s not human; it’s not real But as we get older, we think that in the end, things on the outside are not always there, but on the inside, they are. And people who see us through our appearance really see us and love that. That’s who we should marry. To be honest, I didn’t think I’d find it. But when we stop looking, it will appear on its own. Sometimes, when we don’t expect it, we don’t force it and let it happen by itself. The universe allocates itself.

The second he was proposed to, he wasn’t surprised at all. first request That is, he sat down and drank coffee in the morning and said that in this life he didn’t think he would marry anyone. But when I’m with you, I am the happiest. What do you say? Do you want to marry me? Poo was like, Okay, so he went and designed the ring himself and spent 4 months walking up to Poo and kneeling. He said that every day he wakes up and sees the crab’s face. Have a life that makes crabs happy. That’s all; he felt that he was born and was worth it.”

After that, Poo Praya gave a gift to Ingfah in the middle of the program, making Ingfah’s heart flutter. To the point of being overwhelmed with tears, and Pu revealed her feelings through tears.
I have been in the industry for many years. People tend to think that everything is a competition. But in the end, there are people who have encountered the same problem as us. If Ingfa doesn’t have anyone to talk to on FaceTime, you can find Poo. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for encouraging Poo. see the value of the crab non-competitive women Appreciate each other; it’s very good energy. When Ingfa said he likes crabs, Poo thought in his heart that even on days when we didn’t like ourselves, there was still Ingfa who admired and liked it; it was really a great encouragement.