Art Phasut opens the knot in his heart for 17 years, being stabbed in the back by a friend of a celebrity!

Art Pasut Banyam, after becoming the owner of Khun Chai Crispy Pork Shop, became popular on social media. Most recently, I opened my mind in the Woody Interview program, revealing everything for the first time! The knot in my heart that I had kept for 17 years was interrupted by a friend in the same generation’s industry and stabbed in the back! and the most repressed reason for not renewing the old channel contract

Today, we clearly see that at the age of 40, I am in front of the stove and enjoying life. But looking back at you in the entertainment industry when you were a star in your eyes, there was some kind of suffering. What’s your clue about being an actor?
Art: Really, in the industry, many people already know. that I used to work at One time, I did not sign the contract; there was always a small knot in my heart, but I asked if it was cleared before the contract was terminated; in fact, it was more of an interruption from our friends.

What do you mean?
Art: There is a friend from my generation. Suddenly, one day I was the first person to get a drama in the same generation. And at that time I was filming 2 dramas and 1 sitcom. And then this person came and asked me, What is Art working at right now? We just answer. then it turns out that people This pushed me to tell the artist in charge of this department that I showed off my work, even though he asked me. That way, he called me to scold me to tell me why there was a job here and there. I’m like we talk to anyone who listens. No one did not speak to anyone. Because I didn’t really say But just because he asked me, I said So we thought, Oh! I’m talking to one person, and I’m kind of like, Eh! and must be caught. I released this news to one person. Distribute this news in another way.

It turns out that this news really reaches adults. So I’m okay now. He is no longer our friend. Trying to stab us And then there was a bad story for a while. It’s like he’s always trying to stab me. His final answer was that he thought that without me, he would be the protagonist instead of me, which is actually a different character. is that you can be the protagonist of your character. But the sad thing is that in his old workplace, he had departments. the one who takes care of the artist In this one, the tears fall because there is one elder who takes care of me. My dad is in the industry, right? And he makes movies. Oops! If you want your child to play, I hold the role and say, “Brother, I want to play this role. The adult told him not to play. But in the meantime, many of the male protagonists have already seen the movie. I have a question in my mind: why not let me play?

After about half a year This brother, he called me. How is your art? How are your movies? I don’t let me play any movie. So I told you, don’t tell me you let my friends play. The answer is yes, so I shed tears. what happened to us Why are you doing this to us? in spite of our respect and trust to make everything Speaking to this day, I still regret it. But this elder now he is no longer working. Leaving his old job to become a monk On the day of the ordination, he called me. Forgive me for what I have done to you. Because at that time he seemed to secretly cut my leg a little bit to give another person a job.

Do you know why?
Art: Like this person, he gives hope to this manager. It’s like love or something like this.

Then what is the reason for leaving?
Art: The reason for resignation is At that time, I was playing Bang Rachan, and I received the Golden Television Award. There were three organizers who called me. Does Art play this? Play this for me. I’m free now. There is no drama. because there is a period of idle time. It turns out that the adults didn’t let me play all three stories and told me I was busy. Even though I knew I was free and the organizer called me. That is, I won one prize and I want another one, I want to show everyone my potential. thought that he would prosper in his career It turned out that he didn’t let me play and put me in one evening drama. I had kept this story for a long time. Salary is not Why put me in only evening dramas, even though I have a lot of good scripts?

I secretly escaped to play another place as a short series on another channel; I intended to do it, and I had already calculated the damages. If I get fined, I’ll get 10 times the cost of the episode. When the old way of working knew that I was going to play He gave feedback, saying not to go on. Because there is a contract, I told P’On to go ahead and take responsibility. If fined at that time, probably 3–4 million, which I was fined for, but asked for this drama to be on, I was the one who called the adults that I wanted to talk to and met two adults walking up to me to pay respects first, so I apologized for breaking the contract. He asked why he did this. Because I want to have today I wish there was a day when you were interested in me like this. Have you ever sat and talked with me like this? But when you’re crying, People like me cry; it’s depressing. I’ve been collecting data for four years. I don’t get my salary. I have been hit by many events, and I want to have a better job. Want to be famous like others?
You can ask every director or organizer for the 7 years that I have been in the industry. I used to work late for three days. Am I a good boy? Just because I didn’t come to see you or talk to you guys. Did I turn out to be a bad boy? He was quiet. I went to work somewhere else. Because I was free at that time, I didn’t have a job for 7-8 months, despite having three dramas that contacted me not to play. I had to earn money because I wasn’t a rich kid. You have to wait for my parents to get sick like everyone else, which you now have to do elsewhere. Did you have to wait to see my parents sick like this before you would give me a good role? He didn’t answer.

This is an apology to adults. It was also something that I secretly suppressed a little bit. In conclusion, he asked if I would continue to sign. At that time, there was a drama that contacted me for 30 episodes, so let me ask you this: Throughout my 7-8 years living here, I never got a guarantee on how many plays I would play. I never got a salary. So I want to give you a 3-year guarantee. I can’t take a salary, but I can’t just ask for a job like this. Can I do this drama for 30 episodes? No, I won’t sign. This is the source. Talking about it here, I’m going to make the announcement to other people. that I was a person who broke the contract. He didn’t know that I had already talked to adults.

Have you cleared this with this friend?
Art: No talk; I’ve never talked about it. I have been in the industry for 17 years. But there were many adults who asked me why they didn’t sign and misunderstood me for 1 out of 3 stories. He changed the protagonist. So I can’t play myself; I understand. The organizer has already called and talked to me. Do you know how it talks to other people? Art doesn’t play in this drama because he is afraid that he won’t have money. Because this organizer pays late. Look at what he said. Confused?

What have you learned from the past 10 years?
Art: Really, everything is good in life. It’s just that some people enter my life badly. And I choose to keep only the good things.