Aum Athichart tells about the wound in his heart: being bullied because he was gay until he didn’t want to leave the house!

young male protagonist “Aum-Atichart Chumnanon” after disappearing from drama work Recently, I opened my heart to tell about the cause of the scandalous news in the past. Hit by both the red-mouthed protagonist and the male protagonist. And marriage overshadows gay news. Until the origin of the nickname “Godfather gets bullied,” he suffers until he feels a wound in the heart, To the extent that he doesn’t want to leave the house. It’s all on Woody FM.

Woody noticed that Aum appeared on the show very rarely. You don’t really want to talk or have nothing to talk about.
Aum: Really, I think it’s probably the first model. That’s why I entered the entertainment industry in the 1990s or so. I entered in 1997 through a contest. He is a very private person. And it was determined that the entertainment industry was a career that I would not pursue at all. Our children wanted to study engineering. want to study medicine according to the original idea The entertainment industry seems insincere. I don’t like fake things.

When we were young, we thought so. I’m not a person who likes to show off, so I don’t want to do it. Until it really caught on. It’s not a push; it’s a force pushed by your mother. That is, my mother tried to let me go to the contest. Let’s do that, do that, do that until I get into the industry. In the beginning, I was acting like a robot. Does not like to show off and does not like to socialize in a high-privacy world. So it’s the source of the dislike for appearing on the show.

Is it better to choose to talk or not to talk?
Aum: Choose not to talk because sometimes we feel that we do not want to communicate. is a person who does not like to talk about himself, then during childhood We have a lot of wounds, too. Only one of the scandals is Athichart Chumnanon, of course. In the past, one week there must have been Athichart 1-2 days. Believe it or not, I woke up early before. Coming down from the house and picking up the newspaper, every time I open the entertainment page before today, will there be my name? In the past, there was a protagonist with red lips, Tua Aor. Well, in this way, everything is there. even got married. It is said that he dressed up or not. Is it trying to dodge or not?

This is the first time I’ve been in the news with a lot of black ants. Since we met children According to the royal palace, in the past, we would have had white faces and red lips. It is remembered that the red lips came to the scene. The director said, Can you erase your mouth? I said I didn’t apply it; it was just lip balm. That is, because our children are white, we will always be hit. News of being gay There are a lot of women in the news. Until sometimes we sit and ask ourselves whether it’s ok to specify which gender for me. So we feel that we are quite anti-communication. Our children are unable to manage themselves. So I feel like we don’t understand why society does this. Having said this, why do society or journalists still take us to gossip for fun even though we are suffering so much?

How suffering?
Aum: I feel like I don’t want to leave the house. I don’t want to meet anyone. Sometimes, looking at people’s faces, they will think that this person must think like me. Because sometimes, not just thinking, we walk everywhere and hear them secretly whispering to each other. I’ve been to one job; I just walked back and forth a bit. I heard Aum, that person who is gay, say this. In the past, I had a lot of gay friends. No matter how much news I had, I didn’t care because they were friends. We respect our friendship, whatever it is.

Today and that day are different things. The redder the lips, the better. To be or not to not care, I think that we were born in an era where it is very challenging for people in the entertainment industry. What Aum once said was a bullying godfather. Are you still being bullied today?
Aum: Probably less. If bully means we are talked about a lot in public, which, as a child, we saw as one of the wounds It is one of the things that we have to learn.

When dating or getting married When you are teased that you are gay, Nat Myria, have you ever said that you were teased again?
Aum: (laughs) At first, we didn’t know that Pee Woody had been dating for 1 year; that’s why he came to tell the secret. He himself wasn’t sure. He himself heard a lot of people coming. He had to take his luck and check it twice as well (smiles).