“Bow Benchawan” accepts the truth: Everything can always change!

Beautiful actress “Bow Benchawan Ardner” after announcing the end of the relationship Ending a decade-long love affair with a young male protagonist Open your mind to life. Must move on. There is no point in walking in place. Use Dharma as a spiritual anchor. And accept the fact that everything can always change in the program. WOODY INTERVIEW

You grew up in Germany. Do you miss Germany?
Bow: I missed you a lot before. After the father passed away, there were only friends left, but the main thing that I still missed a lot was when my father was still alive. But when he’s gone We just keep it as a vacation.

on the day of coming to Thailand At that time, you probably weren’t familiar with Dharma?
Bow: Not at all. Bow just knows that we grew up with two religions. In fact, on the German ID card, Bow is Catholic. But with Bow growing up with a Buddhist mother In Thailand, they go to the church, go to the temple, and pay homage to the Buddha image. That’s all.

When is the turning point that it starts to absorb?

Bow: About 6-7 years ago, when I started listening while driving, would I listen to the teacher’s teachings, something that was easy enough for us to understand? I felt that it was more than we went to make merit, offer offerings, there was meditating. At that time, Bow began to do 15 minutes a day, but still did not learn or did not have a teacher tell us. Until almost 5 years, Bow had the opportunity to practice the Dharma of Master Goenka. At that time, it was like what had been learned or what had been understood to zero. like we don’t understand anything On the day we went there, it seemed like we started to form more. Benefits of meditating is to understand yourself aware of one’s own thoughts Recognize and learn from the feelings as they arise. This idea that it happened

with past life events How many opportunities have you had to use Dharma to help?
Bow: I don’t know if Bow doesn’t have Dharma. Will this event hit the bow even harder? I have to thank you very much because, having Dharma as a location and a guideline, we will know that the emotions that arise or the situation in which they occur are probably better dealt with than when we didn’t have them. I think if it’s not there, it might be very heavy. It’s like we don’t know where we have to go. But when we have Dharma as an anchor I knew that it was natural that everything had to change. Therefore, since you have learned that nothing is permanent Everything is happening and then it’s gone. It just changes, we live with that moment, that’s okay, the moment right now will be like this. It’s not as smooth as it used to be, I have to admit that this is happening.

What truths have you learned? In the past, after a day of storms that hit After passing that point, go back and consider why it happened?
Bow: Didn’t ask why, what caused it, because it’s like we’ve asked these questions before. When we did not get a clear answer for ourselves that it was clear, so I thought that today, as time passes, there is no need to try to find answers to the questions that exist. Just don’t think we need to rewind the question but let’s look at what we get from this event, what does it have? As for Bow, I think that everything can always change. That is, we have heard this word from the words of many people who have said it, but it has been reversed. The story is pretty sure that it will go well. Had the idea that it would be okay but one day it wasn’t okay.

makes us think that love can always change Feelings can always change. Words are always changing. Promises can always change. Everything can change. Therefore, when it is like this, it makes us think that maybe we are attached to something and do not know. that it must be as promised When one day it wasn’t just accepted. Because we can’t force anything, not even ourselves. We just let it be natural. But the good thing is that Ms. Bow had gastrointestinal surgery 3 years ago. Therefore, his eating will not be good. Like he can’t digest food. He will not be able to eat per meal. rarely eat He won’t take care of himself. But when this event happened It turns out that Mom calls Bow every day. I ate rice today Don’t worry mom Mom ate a lot today. That is, under the chaos that we encounter, here is the good part, the people we love, the people we care about. He diligently took care of himself more.

It turns out that he doesn’t want us to worry more. So I decided to take care of myself. Seeing the love from those who love us and how hard he tried It’s something we’re very grateful for. or even many friends who are not in contact with each other suddenly say hi This event made Bow see that any friend loves us more than we even thought. Are we that important? Because most of my friends will never see Bow cry. He had never seen this angle. Until it turns out that when we have this event happen, try to look for something that is good. Because I believe that nothing is bad at all. There are always two sides.

If asked if you can do it or not?
Bow: You have to take care of yourself. because it is of no use to us walking in place But does it have some moments? because it’s been a long time lots of memories Every time we may stumble back, it is the memories of the images. And this year has become the year that many friends get married again (laughs). It tests our mental strength as well.

Have you ever talked about getting married?
Bow: There are some talks, but it’s not serious. Bow wasn’t serious, he wasn’t serious either. as both have duties still want to do Therefore, we have never discussed such details. So I didn’t go into details.