Jack The Ghost reveals the biggest mistake in life and reveals the statistics of what type of rooms there are definitely ghosts in!

Host and DJ of the famous ghost story program “Jack The Ghost Radio or Jack-Watcharapol Fuekjaidee,” Jack reveals all the worst mistakes in life. Listen to a spooky story. Throughout his life, he was born without seeing a ghost even once. And of the mystical stories in the screening program, which one is true or made up on Woody FM?

I don’t dare listen to your program at all because I’m afraid of ghosts.
Jack The Ghost: I’m afraid of ghosts.

Why are people afraid of ghosts doing ghost programs like Pong is afraid of ghosts? I don’t understand.
Jack The Ghost: I like it. I like to listen to ghost stories. I like to watch ghost movies. I like to see when the ghost comes out. From the movie we watched, we could feel how he would deceive us. or listen to ghost stories as well. What kind of scary ghost will come out that scares himself?

You like the technique and weaving of the story. The interestingness of coming and going but overall being scared
Jack The Ghost: Yes, I’m very scared.

that you’ve met yourself; can you tell me about it?
Jack The Ghost: I’ve never met P’Woody’s ghost. Throughout my life, I was born and never met a ghost.

What is a ghost?
Jack The ghost is someone who lived after death. All in all, it’s the belief that people die and become ghosts. and then will have the same habits as those who lived before. Ghosts are things that can be relied on mentally. which some people choose to rely on ghosts, such as asking for that, asking for that, and asking for this. Nowadays, most people ask for ghosts, and number 1 asks to win the lottery. Let’s get what you want. which is a belief that has been passed down from one another. And then there are many places Because it is said that when you go on vows here, you will get He will come out and say that he has But in reality, he may have gone to 100 people and only got one. became a hilarious trend that people would continue to tell each other.

There are things that people are very curious about. And this is a question for all Thai brothers and sisters: how do you know How to filter which one is true? Which one is untrue?
Jack The Ghost: This question has been asked by many people, Woody. And today I’ll answer clearly that I don’t care what story I call to tell—which one is true and which one is fiction. It’s all about listening to ghost stories, except for what it hides in the content: entertainment. It’s excitement, and it’s fun. I’m telling all of my audience that you don’t have to care if they’re telling the story or the truth. Just listen. What do you want to hear a ghost story about first?

You want to listen to ghost stories for the thrill. You want to know how the ghost will come out and deceive you. What kind of fear do you have? How do you get excited about the characters he portrays? That’s the funniest thing about listening to ghost stories. Whenever you put a wall around this story, it has to be true. how can you tell a story that’s not true? It doesn’t make any sense at all. It’s not fun to listen to ghost stories. Listening to good ghost stories is what you get from listening to the end. such as the subject of caution The story of sin, merit, and blame is hidden in the story.

Do you believe in sense?
Jack The Ghost: I believe; I believe my first glimpse. I’ve heard a lot of ghost stories. When I go to stay in the hotel, I’ll have my first glimpse. From the hotel we gave up, the cover is beautiful, but when we see it, it’s not. I moved, not putting myself at risk. I’m afraid to meet him because he didn’t know that one day he would meet a ghost. How will I be I don’t know. I’m really scared.

I’ve heard a lot of ghost stories. I will know that if we assume the hotel we stay at was the first time we opened the room door and there was a musty smell coming in for a moment, I wouldn’t rest at all. Indicates that the room may have been poorly cleaned or never opened for anyone to stay. or entering the room and stuffing strange placements For example, some things that should not be in the room, if they are there, I will not rest, such as incense burners, flowers, garlands, coins, or even the latest news from the court in the back of the room.

It shouldn’t be in a hotel room. If we see them move, and if we walk in and it’s full, we should go. Don’t be persistent. Don’t be persistent. According to statistics, 90% of people will come into contact with ghosts. Many hotels have certain rooms that are not open to anyone for rent. Statistically, the room that most often encountered ghosts is the room next to the fire escape, I don’t know why, but it’s a story that I’ve listened to tens of thousands of stories. The room next to the fire escape usually has a story that will be on the 3rd floor or floor. 4 And the room that suddenly entered the dressing table at the end of the bed, statistically 100% would be the belief that a ghost or spirit at night would come out through the mirror. And sometimes we wake up in the middle of the night and see some standing in front of the mirror. See someone who doesn’t know how to comb their hair in front of the mirror? Statistics will be like this.

Then what I heard assumed that I was sleeping in the room. If we wake up in the middle of the night, what will we do from now on?
Jack The Ghost: Pray and dedicate the charity. It was as if he wanted just that for people. He knows that he exists. Sometimes people pretend to be asleep and don’t care. He will come to make us interested; for example, if we are already asleep, we will put our hands through it. or making some noise to make us pay attention to him.

Someone said that most people who met ghosts cursed.
Jack The Ghost: That’s the ultimate settler, damn. We thought that ghosts would be afraid of cursing. The most terrifying curse of ghosts is thought to be the word…don’t let it happen. So people choose to curse. This is not a matter of meeting every time and cursing every time. We also need to look at the situation.

What is the biggest mistake in life and a lesson?
Jack The Ghost: I thought I was cool when I was Jack Saisin when I put the Jack Saisin mask on myself. That was the biggest mistake of my life. I’ve worked a lot since I was a kid, at the gas station here and there. During the time that we pass through various obstacles Come on, it’s a life experience. But one thing that is wrong is that this story thinks that it’s cool and doesn’t have to pay attention to anyone. No need to beg anyone because this is the right hand of Pong Kaphon Thongplab.

How did you get past that point and put your ego aside?
Jack The Ghost: After I left Pong for about 2 years, I went to be a peddler. I was selling stuff at the flea market. Pee Woody, do you believe that there are fans? The list that he remembered me He came to see me, and he said that my hyung was very happy to see me. Let me take a photo with you. At that time, we were nothing. Then he said a word: Did you know that I’ve been to see you at the store many times? I want to meet you very much, But you never came out to see me. That day, I knew that Oh! When we sit in the room in front of the computer playing games, doing nothing, not caring about anything, and never coming out to see customers, never came out to find fans.

At that time, I was not at all On that day, we had the opportunity to meet him. He came to us, and we never paid attention. But today, we are who we do not know. Then one day, he came to us. Come and find us. Come to us from our Facebook post. Where are we going to sell today? In order to just want to come and cheer up, you need to come and ask to take a photo. On that day, my ego was put down. I quit at that moment because I no longer knew what my life would be like. Would I be able to come back to work here again but feel like I have to stop behaving like that? Must be someone who respects others.