Buikin is a fanatic in love. Revealing the PP relationship, there is only one person.

Open your heart to tell about first love and the dimension of love that has changed nowadays. admit to being a fanatic The answer is clearly a PP-only relationship.

Talented artist and actor who pursues his dreams Assaratanakun From the actor of the Y series to the executive role of Billkin Entertainment at the age of 23, he recently opened his heart to tell about his first love and the dimension of love that has changed today. admit to being a fanatic Responding clearly to the PP relationship, there is only one person in the WOODY FM program.

Which topic do you think you want to talk about? but never had a chance to talk ?

Buikin : Most of the time I’m alone. I will be the one who can’t stop thinking. The more time we have, the more we will think further and further. All the time when we are alone, we start to think about what we have to do tomorrow. How to plan If I had some spare time, I would start planning for 3-5 years, thinking of what I wanted to do. During this time, I have a plan to go on to study something like this. I sit and think about how to manage our work here during the next study period.

Where are you going to study? ?

Buikin : Studied a master’s degree in England. I’m not serious about going to school. But I want to live more.

policy CEO of Billkin Entertainment How much is allowed for the artist to talk about love? ?

Buikin : (laughs) I better not force it. Each person has the right to be. want to do or want to say or don’t want to say I feel that if he wants to speak, we don’t have the right to forbid it.

Want to know what the love dimension of Bukin is like? ?

Buikin : Love for me feels like happiness. that we will love someone We must be happy to do it. and it brings joy back to us I don’t really believe in love that is suffering. I feel like if it’s like that, we better not have it. All kinds of love, family, friends or lovers, we have to find the end point. We are both happy and comfortable in that relationship.

What is it like when you are suffering? ?

Buikin: I think it’s like it’s not compatible, everyone has their own method, ideas, perspectives that are not the same. My passion is about supporting everyone without putting our attitude on them. let him do it his way then he will be proud of who he is. what he really did

At what age did you first love? ?

Biwkin : Grade 3, about 15 years old. When we were young, we would feel that love is possession. you are mine I belong to you We possess each other and will stick to some values that make me feel that this is good, this is bad

as a child other Are you jealous? ?

Biwkin : Absolutely. At that time, it might be Puppy Love as well. For the first time, it’s about talking where to go, having male friends. We’ll block all the way, super controlling, but he’s controlling us too (laughs). Eventually it will break. must be separated

But today that form is gone. ?

Biukin : I think it’s a line of respect more than If it’s the right person and the right person for us. In the end, each of us will set our own limits for the other. by using our own sense or judgment It is through honoring or remembering another person.

Are you crazy? or is which level ?

Biwkin : Probably crazy (smiles) We feel that love drives intimacy. That means it’s not just the people in the relationship. with my house Before going to bed, go back to the house, have to hug papa, ma, kisses on the cheeks, goodnight all the time. where everyone will do it with enjoyment as usual

Khun Dang comes from Translated Series Love Me with Your Heart which that dimension will be LGBTQ , shades of love are not limited to gender, how does Bukin look at this? ?

Biwkin : I feel that today, 100 people are not the same. Both about identity, preferences, what we are Nowadays, there is no line between right and wrong or value. There might be a line of respect for others. or the lines of various laws that we may have to use together But it means a matter of test preferences or anything. I feel that nowadays there is a lot of freedom in what we like, what we don’t like, what we do and what we don’t do. Just keep in mind that we do this without crossing other people’s lines. means what we like to do We can be anything that we are proud to be and really happy to do. It’s time to say that one is right and this one is wrong. Everyone’s happiness is different. Why are we drawing lines for society, letting everyone be themselves? did what he loved

the relationship between you and Phi Phi What is it now? ?

Buikin : In PP relationship for me. I have only one PP people who understand us and go through a journey that is so special I’ve known PP since I was 16, met at a special school. It’s very strange that PP and I became close very quickly within a month. We are close like best friends. We have the opportunity to enter Na Dao. has entered the series Or when he is doing Artist Development, we will be people in the same generation. There’s always the opportunity to do something at the same time, so it makes it seem like for me. both ourselves in the part of one person and in the part of the work here plus ourselves as people rather than just friends It means he understands what we think. understand our point of view like our partner He is very close to my house. Until my father said he was like another child. This kind of relationship was only him who seemed completely accidental. very close to each other understand us all And we have traveled together to grow since that day until today, working together, discussing anything with each other, thinking about each other, thinking about each other all the time.

When together, fans like it very much. very gin But if one day you have to have a girlfriend Have you ever thought about how the feelings of the person whom he has already matched with will be? ?

Biukin : In each fan, I think he will have different expectations. There are both fans who like us. that he likes PP And then there will be fans who like 2 people together that cannot be separated. Or like me and PP both, but respect us as being each of them. It’s okay to separate, both are still supported. It’s very multi-dimensional. I think we today no matter what we do. In every journey, there will always be disappointments and disappointments. Because the expectations are very diverse. We used to be very addicted to feedback. feel that what should we do for those who love us Our support is not disappointed. I don’t like making anyone sad or disappointed. When traveling to the point The one we are today, we take a step back and look at the big picture. I feel that being a public figure today when people expect No matter what we do, there will always be someone who’s right and someone who’s really disappointed. So I feel that we are actually better looking back at ourselves than our own feelings. How much more can I live with expectations of others? I feel that today we will understand ourselves more. more clear with yourself that in the end, what we will choose to do because that’s what we choose and what we really are lowered expectations make everything easier Follow your heart more.

What kind of comment or post is sad for you? ?

Buikin : It will always come, some people will call it Anti-fan, will see our every movement. keep spreading fake news Always look for attack holes. I think it’s more destructive. Sometimes when we choose to do something and disappoint a group of people, in the end, I feel that if we respect each other If you don’t like it, it’s ok to walk away. But there will be some people who don’t like it, choose to scold us and attack us, to say that during my past 3-4 years, what hurts the most is that we make him have expectations of us And we go to disappoint him. the saddest thing I don’t want it to happen at all. is to make others sad I don’t really like this feeling.

When did you last cry? ?

Buikin: Last month, at that time I went to work in one event. We are very determined It’s a job we’ve never done before. Then it’s our dream want to do it a lot After doing it, walk out of the room. We felt very flawless. Because I feel like I can’t do it I don’t understand why we can’t do it. went home to cry It’s something that has been stuck in my head for 2 weeks, from waking up until going to bed, thinking only about it. But fortunately we have the opportunity to go back and do it again. When it came out, I was glad that we did our best. I really don’t know Can it be? But if you ask me that day that I went back to do it again, I feel that I don’t have any doubts.