“Christina Aguilar” is difficult to love because the private world is high, but he does not close his heart and still believes in love.

When Thailand’s Queen of Dance “Christina Aguilar” opened up on WOODY FM about her life from before entering the industry until now. Revealing that he is difficult to love The man who came into my life has loved only one person. Because I have a very private world. But I don’t close my heart and still believe in love.

Have you tried almost everything in the industry?
Tina: Seriously. When I released a new album, I had a lot of contacts about playing movies and dramas, but I wasn’t confident from childhood until I grew up. We only sang and were afraid that if I went to a movie or a play, I would be in a movie. If it doesn’t play well, it will affect your career as a singer or not, so I don’t dare to do anything like this.

Let’s go back to my childhood. How’s your family’s been doing since?
Tina: It’s a warm family because, since I was a kid, my dad was already a musician and worked at night, but every morning he dropped him off for school. He’s going to wake us up, drop us off, and go back to bed. At noon, I picked her up from work. In the evening, I cooked. My parents are like this, taking care of us like this all the time, from school to graduation, but I have to say that no family is 100 percent perfect.

Do you mean you break up in love?
Tina: Not every day, but because my dad is a musician, right? Night work Of course, there must be girls listening to me, and with so many girls listening to me, my father also became a very jealous man. Your mom is a beautiful person. Your father also said that you guys at this age can’t fight Yu’s mother. Okay, maybe a guy wants to flirt with you or something, and even having a kid makes you kind of jealous. A flirt is jealous; can you imagine? It’s the little things.

And then there was an argument?
Tina: We were about 20 at the time, and we came back and argued, and we were annoyed. You walk over and talk to your dad. Daddy Ai really asked Yu. Does Yu still love Mama? If Yu doesn’t love you, Yu broke up. Don’t think that Yu is here for us. One day, we will grow up. We will have to live our own lives. In my view, I want my parents to be happy. He doesn’t have to be together, you know? But that’s all. He did his job. He was stunned. Dad was quiet. We said Ai didn’t like fighting. If Yu is unhappy together, let’s break up, because I believe in one thing: everyone should be happy. Whether it’s parents or anyone else, Suffering because of you, which is still a lot these days. Parents are afraid of their children having problems, but I believe that children have problems because they see their parents fighting. It’s better not to fight together but to do your job perfectly.

As for myself, I am not married. In the past, in my relationship, Tina rarely saw the news and rarely launched anything. Have you been with anyone before?
Tina: You’re a normal girl like everyone else. It’s not like I’ve never been with anyone. I used to see people. I quit. I’ve been in a relationship; okay, if I don’t get along, I can’t stand it. I’m not here because, like I said, everyone has to be happy, including you. I want to be happy. I’m not going to put up with anything that will make me suffer, like a man if we feel like we love him so much, which is very difficult for you to love.

Do you love hard people?
Tina: I can tell you that my life The only people you ever love—the word “love”—are two people. Honestly, it’s only been one person since I was born. I have a feeling that it’s very difficult to like people and very hard to love. I’m going to assume it. When we’re seeing someone, we feel like it’s not; it doesn’t understand; there’s something that upsets us or something; it doesn’t understand us. I’m going to start reconsidering. I’m going to start to get over it, and one day I’ll say okay, and if that’s enough, I’ll give you about 7 days. I want to be sorry. I want to cry. But after that, I have to move on. I mean, our lives are born until we’re this old. And then one day we meet someone. I would never let that person ruin my life. I mean, we’ve been around for so long. When you meet someone, it’s not like everything’s falling apart. My life can’t move on. No, it used to be ours. That’s all we have to do.

How long is the longest time you have been with a person?
Tina: 5 years

But can you move on?
Tina: I’ve been prepared. We’re going to have to think a lot. When we start reconsidering, okay, should we move on or not, good or bad? Why are we going to endure it? And then one day we’ll have had enough. I’ve said enough. Bye-bye.

Do you feel like you’re happy living on your own?
Tina: yes, too.

It’s going to be harder, but it’s not exactly so that no one will come into your life.
Tina: Never close. I still believe in love, and I still believe that people should have friends, but to this day, it’s been very difficult for me because I’ve been used to being alone for so long. Do what you want to do, wherever you want to go. You don’t have to tell anyone, because we have a pretty private world. To have one person come into our lives. You’re going to really like him if you don’t make it.

But in the last 5-8 years, has anyone approached you clearly?
Tina: No clear. I hardly see anyone in my life; I only live with my family; I have a mother; I have a brother; I have grandchildren; and I enjoy being with my family very much because it is a place where I feel safe. That’s all there is to your life, so the chances of meeting someone are very difficult.

Do you still have questions from adults about who you’re dating?
Tina: I’ve tried dating someone because an adult recommended me or a friend recommended me, so I said no, okay, let’s go on a date or something, but at the end of the day, it’s not.