“Eid Duangjai”, a positive mother who accepts gender diversity

senior actor A legendary heroine who has experience in the Thai entertainment industry for more than 50 years, Eid Duangjai Hataikan, is a mother with positive energy. Open your mind about life in the entertainment industry and natural parenting. Accepting gender diversity reveals whether the child likes what gender or what Mothers are always ready to support. and must be a proud old man on Woody FM.

Mae Eid has been in the industry for how many years?
Mae Eid: Over 50 years, she has been in the industry since 1971.

Nowadays, we see journalists interviewing personal interests. How has your personal life been in the past?
Mae Eid: In the past, I didn’t have to close it. But Mae Eed was the first star to get married openly. Because we look at seniors who can’t reveal themselves, they are very pitiful. I feel why my love life is closed; I have to hide. I have to hide. But my mom dropped it after the wedding ceremony. But my mother can accept that this is a change. If it doesn’t change, our lives will be weird. is the truth of life

Mother has been in the Thai entertainment industry for a long time; what changes have you clearly seen?
Mae Eid: A hero and a heroine don’t have to be pretty; they don’t have to be handsome. The not-so-beautiful, not-so-handsome thing is interesting. It’s not that you have to pop all the time; you have to wear false eyelashes all the time. Mother Eid accepted the change. acceptable to the new generation because it is natural

How old is your mother this year?
Mae Eid: 70 years

How many children does your mother have?
Mae Eid: She has two sons and one surrogate daughter.

As far as I can see, not everyone grows up to be a star child. But many people will have a clue about their parents fame. How is your mother’s?
Mae Eid : was raised very naturally. if compare To be the type of mother who is considerate of children But will make an example for the child to see, we will always think that we are his mother, but we are not the owner of his life. Don’t get attached to the child; it can be anything When, one day, the child meets anyone, be it of the same sex or of the opposite sex, whatever it is, the child must share his love or take it all back. and bless the children to reign together happily. You don’t have to think of your mother when you’re happy, but when you’re sad, come back to her.

Just now, my mother talked about sex, whatever gender it was. How do you view this in today’s society, where many parents are still not accepting that their children are LGBTQ+?
Mae Eid: I want you to think again. Mother Eid thinks that if we love our children, We have to change because that is their happiness. Let him choose his own life. In arranged marriages in the past, there were many pairs that could not stay together. Even nowadays, starting with love, it hasn’t stretched yet. Therefore, let him choose his own. We are ready to Say Yes to him; please change it.

What do you think is an adult concern about having a child attracted to the same gender?
Mae Eed: Actually, it’s not the norm at all. Many of the couples he broke up with were of the opposite sex and stayed together without stretching. When coming to live in the same sex, regardless of whether a woman and a woman or a man and a man returned happy Help each other to make a living and be happy; that’s what he contributes to a peaceful society. Better than a man and a woman couple fighting each other every day, arguing for their children to see, that is harming society.

Mong female stars He’ll have a gang here and there. Who is there in the mother’s gang now?
Mae Eid: There will be Mee Pisamai as the leader of the gang, and then there will be Pussy Mayurachat, Ayo Thasawan, Koi Tarika, and Tiw Orasa. come to be a door blocker for a boss Then Nong Ja posted a photo on social media That day, Mae Eid returned home to Chiang Mai. There was a man who commented that the real one was still beautiful, so he saw the picture at the wedding. So I told him that now there is a gang of angels. But this is the fairy’s mother gang. That man said that it was not Khun Duangjai. There must be a gang of queens.

having an ally Have a group of friends made us lively?
Mae Eid: Yes, when we retire. Instead, we need to be more powerful than when we were young. We must see the truth of life. It’s not letting yourself get old, and you don’t have to do anything. You don’t have to let your children pamper you. You don’t have to come and eat with mom. no one to lead Don’t have to drive for Mom. The older you get, the more you retire, and the more kindness you need.