“Pok-Margie” revealed that he was not ready to have a third child and recalled the heroic deeds of “Somkid”.

“Talk Ka Taat” EP. This “Bai Toey Suwapich” took us to invade the new magnificent house of the family “Pok Passakorn and Margie Rasri”, view the Chao Phraya River, and enjoy nature like traveling in a resort. Take him to meet the stingiest boss. “Pee Somkid”, a French Bulldog breed that is famous on social media The program was filmed before Phi Somkid passed away. Therefore, it is to commemorate the cuteness and bring back the mischievous deeds of Phi Somkid as a nostalgic memory. Which Pok-Margie’s family loves and is very attached to. Because they’ve been together for many years. They also raise two Aldabra giant tortoises that can live 100–200 years, named Somwang and Somporn.

Take a tour of Somkid’s house, which must have a corner where he can see everyone in the house. Ready to tell about the most brutal deeds when living in a condo because P’Somkid is a mischievous dog. If the slave disappeared for a long time or went abroad to pee on stuff, If he sees a suitcase, he’ll know right away. When I come back, I have to see what I’m going to do. To the point that I used to poop on the carpet for almost a hundred thousand! This is not enough to pee in the bed and the cloth basket, Mika, Miya, too. Anything that is not satisfied, lift your legs to pee on it. During the filming of the program, P’Somkid greeted everyone with a lively show of balloons around the house.

Pok-Margie….. Revealed that having Somkid made them bond like children. But since moving home, I rarely take him anywhere because the house is far away. But there is more space for him to have activities every day without having to go out to run and play. He likes to swim a lot.

After talking about the family, Pok revealed that the dream was really intended to have five children, but when I had two people, I felt that it was not enough. Now two people are fine.