In Sarin shock! Being negatively criticized on social media, revealing single status, and deciding whom to date, let mom scan first.

A clear-faced young hero, In-Sarin Ronakiat, is an outstandingly cute boy in the university fence. to a talented actor and businessman Let’s open up completely about the obstacles. Who came into my life, family, work, and love? Now I’m completely single. Reveal who you want to be with; let your mother scan first. on Woody FM

know that In is a pretty accurate person. How perfect does it have to be?
In Sarin: About One, you will feel that In Sarin is one of the products; it is an entertainment product. People will enjoy us for our hair, our faces, and the way we dress. I want to do my best.

Before entering the industry, you were well-known since you were in university. And being someone who has a lot of acquaintances thinks that our personality Or do we have to change categories or do we have to have multiple layers?
In Sarin: In the intention, I did not intend to be like that. We are no longer far from an ordinary person. Tomorrow, we will instantly become famous. It will be a gradual process. Step up the stairs. Therefore, I will have the habit of being in the spotlight all the time. We will feel that we already belong to the public to a certain extent. If we do anything in public, we will be quite careful. Be careful when speaking; be careful when walking, thinking things are already automatic out of habit.

So someone who was already in the spotlight when he came out Do you think we will enter the industry?
In Sarin: It must be said that when we are in the spotlight, there will always be people who invite us to enter the industry from probably our 3rd to our 4th year. If you count the time, it will be 7-8 years. At that time, we didn’t want to be public figures. I don’t want to be a star. And deep down, I think that the career of an actor is something that is difficult. But didn’t say it at the time. What kind of person must behave well? Must be able to play; Must be able to sing; Must be able to dance. Answering the questions of reporters must look smart. For us at that time, it felt a bit like Superman. Why should we not? So I said I didn’t want to be Until the end of the 4th year is the point where we think that if we finish immediately and then have to go to be an architect, Inna has no chance to try in the entertainment industry. So I felt that I had to give it a try since I had the opportunity to do so all the time in this life. So I decided to choose At that time, it was Chula Thammasat’s fourth traditional football event. At that time, there would be people holding footballs and flags. There should be a picture. And then there were adults from various channels calling, so we chose Channel 3.

Has there been anything that bothers you in the entertainment industry in the past?
InSarin: Yes, there are a lot of them too. As I said, we are semi-like. public from the beginning. There will be words of appreciation and words that are negative to us in various online worlds. Sometimes there are websites where people share stories. And then there are people who believe until it becomes a trend, with 90% not believing at all. I was shocked as well. And how do we go back when it’s not us at all? Been hit since I was at university. And with In’s character, I’m a person who rarely responds to people.

How do you cope? How are day and time healed?
In Sarin: Shock and exhaustion At that time, it was like a zombie. Really, we didn’t want to care about it. back home crying It’s good that we have lovely friends. We have a good family. Until I decided to consult with my parents, If something like this happens in our lives, what should we do? I remember the conversation being very short but very happy. Papa gave me the idea that the size of the Buddha Still being told that I still get scolded at all—what language is it with us, ordinary people? This is just like us. can release immediately It is the strongest love that makes us come back instantly.

Believe that in every obstacle that comes into life, it will always refine and teach us?
In Sarin: Yes, it’s news, but one thing was always taught from that day. It won’t be bad for anyone. not talking about anyone behind their backs and will not believe what he has heard since the first time before using his judgment. It’s very important because we have met in person. I want everyone, no matter what they accept in life, to think and analyze first. He has become a person who gives a lot of opportunities. like with young people in the company.

Is a person who is called a hundred young people, a project?
In Sarin: Actually, it’s a part that is rarely shared. and people rarely see us. People will know us in the celebrity part, right? In terms of business, I have to say that it consumes 80% of In’s life. We treat ourselves as businessmen, not actors. Enter the office in the morning, go out in the evening with everyone, and enter 7 days. It’s been like this for 2–3 years, but people rarely see it there. One month will come out as an actor for only 2–3 days. and try to look at trends all the time. I have had a project in my head all the time since I was young. When it’s over, we can do our best to say what we think. At present, there are also real estate projects from home: our new community, Holiday Pastry bakery shop, Hey Moo Pan shop, and clothing and accessory brand HYE Everyday.

At what age did you have your first girlfriend?
In Sarin: The first girlfriend was in elementary school, during Primary 5-Primary 6, dating for about 2-3 months, while the second girlfriend, who had been together for the longest time, met at a special school during M.3-M.4 and then stayed until the university.

What was love like back then?
In Sarin: It will be a love that is always together. It’s Disney love. For example, on the 1st month anniversary, give flowers and a diamond ring.

and then at the age of graduating and working What kind of love is it?
In Sarin: Currently, my status is single. And I’ve been single for many years, too, not closing or opening anything. But maybe it’s a period of life that doesn’t focus on love. Ask if anyone has come in. People come in all the time, but we don’t focus on them that much.

Before that, many years ago, The latest boyfriend, when we were famous How do we divide time? Because you feel that you are very involved in your work?
In Sarin: Less in proportion Because now 80–90% of work matters. Because he must know that we like to work. When you talk to someone, your family is very effective. Mom will see first and scan first. These were things to discuss because he was an adult. He will have better vision. He likes to tell everyone that our children are difficult (laughs). Do only work; there are a lot of things, and you don’t have time. Are you okay? You’ll always hear your mother tell you. He wasn’t threatening; he was serious. or even friends, when I meet Mom, I will say thank you very much for being my friend. Because he will know that we are quite a lot of work.