“Ing Fah-Charlot” reveals her perspective on sex. And what percentage of the chances are there that both of them will be together?

Miss Grand Thailand 2022

When a couple like “Ingfah Waraha” and “Charlotte Austin” orbited together in the program “HELLO ENGFA Ingfah Mahana Ther”, the beautiful couple from the Miss Grand Thailand 2022 stage was surrounded by fans. very eye-catching. At this event, Charlotte came to invade Ing Fah’s house. It’s called a very cute moment. Ready to open your heart in the deepest way with your perspective on sex for the first time in the program. By revealing their own sex rating and the chances of dating, how many percent Let me tell you that it’s delicious!

Is there a love for sex that is important to us?
Charlotte: Important, 90% of the time, is that it must go together.

If we are going to be with someone, do we also measure whether it passes or fails?
Charlotte: Measure it too (laughs).

Specs that have been seen, yes.?
Charlotte: (laughs) I like tall people; I like people who look and feel. irritating all the time. Ready to repeat all the time.

Is it limited in terms of gender?
Charlotte: I still can’t answer if you haven’t tried it yet.

And think that having a female-female partner, assuming that we have a female boyfriend, Will problems with sex happen to us? strong,
I don’t think so (laughs). It also has a helper in the matter of sex.

Then Charlotte asked Ing Fah, How about sex?
Ing Fah: I’m not stuck because I’m a person who can adapt to the situations I encounter. Maybe it’s because we’ve actually been in relationships with a variety of genders. And see what it would be like if we were dating this gender, but I wouldn’t judge a person with a certain body shape. It means that no matter what gender it is, if today we feel like this, it will approach like this, so it doesn’t stick. If you give yourself a 100% sex rating (laughs),

Between the people who flirt with us and the people we flirt with, which one do you like?
Charlotte: We flirt with him because we feel that we have good feelings for him. But if it is someone who comes to flirt with us, we will feel that he really loves us or not; we still don’t know. But if we flirt with him, we know the purpose; the goal is that we like it. Although it may not be fulfilled. At least try first. It’s a relationship that I have had with anyone for a long time. But I haven’t been with anyone for more than 3 years. Either he cheated or we cheated.

Then Charlotte asked Ing Fah if he had ever experienced a train collision.
Ing Fah: No, it’s someone who, if aimed at, will go straight. So alone, it hurts a lot, it hurts badly, and it really hurts because there is no reserve, so it becomes a person at Club Friday. I’m a worshiper of love, and I don’t know how other people live their lives. But we live each day with love. The more I found this thing over there that would like to have their own comfort zone: someone who can tell me what happened today, Or just by looking at their eyes, you can tell that today you are tired. But now I’m not in a hurry because I feel that I enjoy working. to meet people
Charlotte: A view of love for mice Just looking at wanting someone who is comfortable to be with every day, teaching each other, and reminding each other But let’s know that every time we fight, we won’t let go of each other’s hands. If there really is, ask him to accept our duties as well. At this point,

Before ending with a question that many people want to know, Ing-Lot,” in which direction will it go in the future? And how will it be?
Ing fah: It goes on and on. Here, we are not fans. If we say today that Ing-Lot is a girlfriend, it will be easy to say that in the future they might break up. But if we assume that we say that the feeling is that there is no status as a relationship, that is not correct either. because it is a feeling that we feel with only him. I don’t know how to talk about the relationship here. but it has only love and good intentions. But sometimes there are things that are so debilitating that sometimes we think that our armor is strong, but sometimes it is corroded as well. I believe that people who have a partner will have two levels to go on; is this good or is this enough? We are just afraid of disappointing people.
Charlotte: Many people say that Inglot sells Jin.
Ing Fah: We often say that the moment that happens is a natural moment. If you can see it, you can see it. But we’re just afraid that one day people will be disappointed. Sometimes I used to know that I wanted enough, so tired like people who don’t understand what we are. When we sit and think carefully, Okay, we should just let it go naturally. How can it live? It doesn’t matter how long it takes.

Ing-Lot,” is there really a chance? How many percent ?
Charlotte: Have to see the future. I used to think it would even be a high percentage. But now it will be 60% left because I feel that the future goals of the two of us are different in many things in life. Each other’s habits may require more discussion. Maybe it’s because we’ve never even had the chance to sit down and talk about how we’re going to be. Do you really like each other? never come naturally. We have to wait and see when our feelings will match. But if there is a chance, there would be But I don’t know when.
Ing Fah: Well, there’s still nothing like that. I haven’t reached that level yet. but there will be moments that seem to be very close. The possibility that it will be possible is in the future. like having to let us grow and keep it natural. If it clicks, it’s right.