“Kratae R Siam” cries that he is ungrateful and doesn’t take care of his father

The hottest young country singer, “Trae Boonya Liang” or “Kratae R Siam,” clears the drama. Carrying the hopes of the whole world to the point of being uncomfortable is not being yourself. Spreading legs to ruin the country’s industry and stories that have never been revealed before about the family Being a famous singer Ingratitude doesn’t take care of the father. Until I could not hold back my tears, crying in the middle of the program, loud! Prepare to get married in a lightning bolt within 2 years for sure on the Woody FM program.

The chipmunk entered the industry to see the development, growth and sustainability in the industry. The key is to keep adjusting.
Kratae: Thank you. I think now is You don’t have to be careful about anything. who want to do what they do Do it so you don’t have to regret it. Why didn’t we do that that day? Whatever you want to do, I do it, it’s over!

But has there ever been a time when he thought and thought again?
Kratae: At the beginning, we were new artists. Being squeezed by the frame that Don’t do this, it’s not good, and it includes social media. Why can’t the chipmunk do this? want us to be like what he expects Then it’s like carrying the hopes of the whole world and becoming like we’re uncomfortable, it’s not ourselves.

It’s very heavy, isn’t it? To carry everything on it?
Kratae: Yes, very heavy.

At what point in life do you find that enough is enough?
Kratae: It’s been 3-4 years since I started doing business. Be very self-confident, love yourself, strive to do because the chipmunk is the person who if you choose to do it, it is something that you are happy with. feel that we honor our happiness I don’t want to do this and he will like it. then become me like I feel like I’m not myself

So it’s that point that you do but don’t like?
Kratae: I’m a folk singer. I will be dramatized as a countryman who sits with his legs crossed and wears a naked dress and discredits the countryman. will not understand us which we feel okay It’s true what he said, just accept it, but it’s not a reason to destroy the folk industry. I just want to change and find something new. people who don’t listen to luk thung

Who said Luk Thung must be like?
Kratae: Who said it? I want to know (laughs). What has been set?

definition of luk thung It depends on the social context of that day ?
Kratae: Yes, now I sing songs that might be international or some kind of universal music. He would say that she was a luk thung singer or not. Are you still singing luk thung? I want to say I have been singing Luk Thung since I was in my mother’s womb. I can already sing But it’s not fun for me to be a country boy for the rest of my life. We want to find something new. I’m someone who always likes to do new things, so I feel like I want to do what I’m going to do. Don’t define who I am.

I feel that being able to live up to this day because you added something new go inside all the time?
Kratae: Yes, otherwise it really burns us out. If we do the same thing It’s boring

We grew up in a family that had to use the word maybe not like other families
Kratae: There is a problem, not complete. My mother rarely talks about family. I think he would want us to be perfect, have a family that loves each other. I never said anything. When talking about his father, he won’t let him talk. That is, his father and mother have separated. I don’t want anyone to think that our family is bad. just want to show that The chipmunk can be successful in life. It doesn’t have to be the perfect family.

I want people who have problems like us to fight. Just like the chipmunk is. Normally, whoever scolds will bully the chipmunk. never regret I won’t shed tears for them. I’m only sensitive to family matters (crying). I grew up in a family where there wasn’t much perfect love. We were very poor. that is, the mother works alone, raising 5-6 lives. I want my father and mother to love each other. Then take a photo with all the parents at the same time. Notice that my IG rarely has family photos with faces. None.

Well, I’m embarrassed when my parents break up. because father has no money Then I had to ask for money from my mother. That is, I always lied to my mother that I was going to buy cosmetics, but then I transferred it to my father. That is, the mother will not let the father at all. will say that I do business because I don’t want to sin I don’t want to lie to mom. I want money for my father Since I was a child, we will ask my mother to save money for me. It turns out that my mother takes care of every baht and every satang. Never had any savings. If you want to use it, ask him. but not enough to give to father

So I have to find a lie that I’m going to eat today. go buy cosmetics because his father did not have a home, he lived by fate When we go to eat expensive, delicious food. I always think of my father. Will he eat anything? Want him to eat good things (crying) he is the father, in the end he is the father. But now mom is much better. very heavy at first He also allowed his father to meet with me. Many people would like why I didn’t take care of him leaving father like this The child has money to be a famous singer. Why don’t you take care of your father? Villagers will gossip. What kind of ungrateful rat is this? So I want to have money for my father without having to lie or ask my mother, so it’s better to do business.

At this point, can we take care of father?
Kratae: Yes, now I have a salary for my father. salary for mom Now it’s a lot better. Right now in this world there is nothing for me to suffer. Rarely do I shed tears. There was only one thing: family.

The team said that chipmunk will get married like a blitz. What do you mean?
Kratae: Well, we didn’t launch. People will think that we don’t have a girlfriend yet, some are single, but really, I’ve been with this person for 10 years. I’m very single (laughs). We live together from understanding. From the beginning they were close friends. And he is also a part that makes our business grow as well. Because I’m in front of the house He’s in the back of the house. Being the person who encourages us, we are happy.

Does that mean, if you’re going to get married, you’re just getting married?

Kratae: I’ve been in a relationship for 10 years, it’s already married. Seriously, many people don’t know it, so it becomes like if we announced the wedding. So it looks like lightning. because it was determined that no more than 2 years ago, that is, set goals for yourself and your girlfriend that We will do our business to reach a billion baht and then launch it (laughs). Find inspiration. Finding a goal must be diligent to achieve it. But I thought that if I didn’t reach my goal in 2 years, I would get married because I’m about 40.