Battle for the crown Battle for the crown! “Ing Fah-Tisha” takes you to tell about the experience of being hot with foreign men.


“HELLO ENGFA or Ing Fah Mahana Ther” adds a degree of spiciness even more for EP. This time, meet “Tisha Kanticha”, the mummy of passion, who will come to ask questions about force 18+ with “Ing Fah”, deep down the best heroic deeds? Guarantee that it’s delicious. Ready to open the battle to win Mong, enter the scene to compete in The Face, the moment hits the black room. Both of them lashed out and told each other jokes. They also taught each other a fun twerk dance.

Tisha started by asking questions from Ing Fah about the heroic deeds that he had done the best, to which Ing Fah replied, “It’s half-time when I go to travel. like to check ratings with friends. Let him know that we like it. “sha used to pee in the car. Because the traffic jam is very painful to pee. So I peeed in a plastic bag.”

After that, Tisha talked about her 18+ experience with Saifo boys that were “men from South America. very joyful If European-style men are precise and straight, Trust me, but it can be boring sometimes. But Asiaticha has never dated a Thai person. and have never eaten celebrities or people in the industry.”

At the end of the list, Tisha also asked Ing Fah what she wanted to do in the next 10 years. According to Ing Fah,“I want to travel abroad.” Because our work is very tight next year. Just think that this period is the time to save money; in the next 10 years, I will probably retire myself. would go on a trip abroad, something like, “I really want to go to Switzerland.”