Matt Peeranee, zero confidence Ever thought of leaving the industry?

After being single for a while for the young actress Matt-Phiranee Khongthai, it’s called the aura of the sun. The more single, the more beautiful and fragrant. Recently, I opened my heart to the story of my life, which was so dramatic that I lost my confidence to zero. must endure as a trash can for the whole country Ever thought of retiring from the industry? In the past, I didn’t see the value of being a heroine and didn’t like to associate with anyone in the Woody FM program.

How is life now?
Matt Peeranee: I’m fine. I enjoy working. From the kind that has never been this much fun before.

Is there any that are not happy in the pile?
Matt Peeranee: Maybe not that much. But there will be a period where we all know that our confidence is lost.

The first time we felt that life in the industry was not as beautiful as I thought, how many percent of our confidence was reduced out of 10 ?
Matt Peeranee: It’s zero. Basically, Matt feels that we are already having quite a difficult time with the entertainment industry personally. Because there will be a habit that does not mix well with anyone. rarely cheat He’s not an arrogant person, but he’s probably been taught since childhood that he rarely approaches strangers. When we encounter things, It’s even more difficult to enter, so it feels like a water shock We have never encountered anything so severe in our lives. It’s a very smooth life, Woody. Aside from studying, it’s about going to work, that’s all there is to life. If you want something, it’s okay, your parents don’t pressure you. Nothing troubling or overthinking, this is a storm, boom! All at once, confused.

When the issue came up, What did you regret the most?
Matt Peeranee: The first step is to regret that people don’t listen. People will say or judge that what we say is not true, even though it’s meaningless to say now, but as of today, it’s still fun to say. has become fun. If it didn’t happen, there wouldn’t be a match in this mindset today.

Nowadays, when there is any negative news, can you stand up?
Matt Peeranee: Very chill (laughs).

What have you learned about society and the online world?
Matt Peeranee: Have you learned how to make your heart sing? I learned a lot. After analyzing myself, I knew and understood that I didn’t encounter any problems or obstacles. Everything comes easily, so we don’t appreciate it. Doesn’t see the value of being a heroine. Many people want to be here, but they don’t have the opportunity. We took the opportunity without going out and seizing it but asked if we were responsible. But we don’t appreciate it enough. When walking and encountering a big storm, we leave it easily. without suffering It’s not an indifferent idea. But why do we have to endure like the trash of the whole country?

Even though we didn’t do it again. But as time progresses, We will feel that it is not anymore. What I’ve learned—and this one is very true—is that the rapids don’t let the boat get in the way. Which one can be tight or slack? Okay, we learn. From the forehand to the back of the hand Prior to this, Basic Matt was a person who kept the rules and wouldn’t do anything that was already against the rules. Understand that other people will not do it When other people do it, we will fight immediately. Come on, ready to fight. But if any of them are really wrong, we want to change, want to improve, want to make it better. then know how to learn from this suffering If we know what suffering is, we must understand it. Once you understand it, it will be like snapping your fingers, “Oh! It’s just this: it’s hard, and we can only accept and learn from it. Otherwise, we will be people who can’t live without defeat, stress, and crying.

Have you ever thought of leaving the industry?
Matt Peeranee: I think every year since working. Because, as I personally said, Matthew and the entertainment industry are very difficult. Is asked if Matt is in the drama department Matt is fun, can only play drama, in front of the camera But if we have to come as a plan to go out, there is no news like this yet.

Are you single now?
Matt Peeranee: Single.

Fans who still love and support us—how much encouragement?
Matt Peeranee: Give very well. It is part of what has made Matt survive until today: fans who still love and understand us. family, friends, or allies Many seniors or many juniors have close people around them, but when we come across something like this, We feel that we will never let them get into trouble. He will surely have Matt in his life when they are in trouble. From now on because it is the most matte-nourishing liquid, and many brothers and sisters in the industry who send messages I’m glad that some people understand and trust us. And it’s also the elimination of people who stay and who don’t go on. Since birth, Matt has never stopped dating anyone. But this time, we already know who we can be truthful with.

Are you addicted to having a boyfriend?
Matt Peeranee: In the past, yes, I’ve never had a girlfriend. I assumed it might be because he was a child who had a problem with a lack of love. Because I’m not with Papa. Because he has been working abroad for a long time, when they met, he asked if he could live alone. but prefer to have people take care of each other more.

And do you like a man who is like a father?
Matt Peeranee: Yes, like that. Matt doesn’t like Bad Boy at all, but everyone likes to say that Matt likes Bad Boy, Matt’s real type, so he must be polite. Must be a clean person, must be smart, must be good, and can lead us (laughs), but now there is no more. Just asking for a living room and understanding each other is enough. But before that, he was a picky person, disciplined; he must be like this or like that.

Does the person who is with you say that you are a lot?
Matt Peeranee: He didn’t say a lot. But he will say that he is complaining (laughs).