Mike Pirat Tears flowed in my heart, causing me to lose passion. There is no happiness in life!

Two teenage favorite duos of the 2000s, the legendary owner of the legendary hair rootsai Golf-Pichaya Nithipaisankul and Mike-Pirat Nithipaisankul tag, team up to clear their hearts completely on WOODY FM. Feeling unfounded in society until she loses her passion for an unhappy life, wanting to overcome these feelings and reveal her feelings to each other between brothers and sisters who have never spoken to each other.

I’m so glad that the two of you sat together, and they’ve come a long way. Your life has been through a lot, sometimes falling, some getting up; it’s the color of life that finally passes; it’s an experience that taught us and Mike to go to China. What is the reason for the decision?
Mike: Honestly. At that time, it was famous in the Full House, and there were many people who asked if I went to China or whether I went abroad; I still hadn’t been there. A long time ago, after that news, things changed. When I go out in the eyes of people who look at me, I’m usually a person who is suspicious of people. This one’s multiplied. I feel like the way people look at me is contemptuous. When I go to the mall or something like that, I quit walking, or even people in the industry feel that way.

It feels like when I go to a friend’s birthday party or an event where there are a lot of people in the industry, the way they look at me is that they may not think that way, but my suspicion of concern is that they are disgusting with us. He was looking at us with contemptuous eyes, and I went to an event, and I could feel that there were a lot of people around, but no one came to talk to me. Everyone just walked in, said hello, and then went. It’s like I’m standing in the middle of the band, and I don’t know what I’m doing here.

At that time, I felt like we had no place to stand. No one wants to go near us, and they carry this feeling for years, and we can’t do it, and then one day when someone tells me to go to China, that day I decide to go, because if I stay here, I’m dead. Didn’t survive. And when I went to China, I felt that no one cared about what was happening in Thailand, and they were willing to open their arms to us without prejudice, without walls, and I felt very happy. I had to recite scripts, I had to practice Chinese, and I was a lot more tired, but I was happier than being here and feeling that everyone was insulting us.

I wanted to tell you that’s not true. There’s not an entire industry to insult. But the fact that there was a lot of talk about it during the news meant that everyone was waiting to see what Mike was going to do next.
Mike: It’s lonely, brother; it’s really alone. I don’t know which way to go.

What was the darkest day?
Mike: Can you say that the pressure was so great that I was already outside the balcony (tears) and felt like there was no way out?

Does Glov know about this?
Golf : I know.

I’m so glad you’re sitting here. Today we’re just reflecting. It’s over. I’m sorry to mention it, but did you think it would be useful to many people who have found a dead end and can’t find a way out?
Mike: Is that we are born men. You’re a man, you can’t be weak. I have to be strong to cry, but I just want to say that people who aren’t in the same situation as us. He’s never going to understand that what we’re going through is that what everyone sees in the media is just a fraction of what I’ve seen in the press. There’s so much more under water that we can’t talk about. I tried to be strong that day, but at present, I would say that when we started to realize it, On that day, we were not weak at all. We’re the strongest, but it’s just that what we go through is so weird that we look like weak people, or maybe it’s a chemical illness or something that’s so sad that it’s out of control.
Golf : It’s because Mike doesn’t talk much. I don’t tell you what I feel. I’m a person who keeps it alone. We’ve both been in this industry since we were kids. Like Griff’s going to find out about his girlfriend. Sometimes we feel like we’re going through this. You have to come out and talk about something like this and let society understand. It may not be like in this day and age when there may have been many different perspectives, but at that time there might have been only one. Whichever way it goes, the superficial reader will interpret it that way. A lot of people will think that, which makes us feel unfair. There’s something I want you to understand that we’re not. Glough had a downward spiral, too, that disappeared a while after the splitting of Glov Mike. Fortunately, there are a few differences between Glove and Mike, who are alert, fun, hilarious, and put that positive energy on what we want to achieve our dreams because we believe that if we have the skills, the skills we will not disappear from the entertainment industry, we will be able to live with our potential.
Mike: I’m jealous of him. I’ve tried to be who he is, but it’s not who he is.

Isn’t everyone the same?
Mike: Because I’m tired. Some people find me hard to find, but it’s not just that I’m tired of expressing my emotions. Feelings or facial expressions, faces, things are just like alert, but I’m like this, but it’s nice, but people, when they see it, why are they so calm? He’s going to have a bad impression. (laughs) But it’s not. Tell everyone it’s not. I’m just tired of expressing emotions all the time. No matter what we tried to say, we thought if it were us, someone would do this to make us very happy, but when we went to make people say why they were selfish, Think about yourself. We think everything is logical. If you do this, you get results like this. Why? There will always be a reason, but sometimes he doesn’t accept him or he doesn’t listen. We stop, and then this kind of thing goes on like a repetitive lesson, so we finally choose not to talk to anyone. Because there is an expectation that if we say it, this person will not understand, it will become an introvert until he does not want to open it too much.

That day, Mike decided to end his life. What kind of consciousness is there to warn you that it is useful to so many people, and how has Glough supported him?
Mike: Honestly, I took half a step out of my legs, stepped back in, and sat in the parking lot for a long time. But I didn’t think anything of it. It was a blur. Every time it’s like this, sometimes it’s too heavy and breathing too fast. Hands tense. My face was numb, and my tongue was numb, but when it came to it, I felt like 30 was a turning point. I don’t know why—age, stars, astrology, or whatever. It’s so strong that, okay, if we go back and talk about it, there’s still sadness. Those feelings haven’t gone away. But we chose not to go against it. I’m just changing my mindset a little bit about how we’re going to live together and how we’re going to get along. How can our feelings and selves coexist in this world? So I added one word: don’t care too much. Whatever happens, it happens, and it passes. It’s going to get a little worse if we’re close to the deadline. It’s all trivial, as long as we live and start over. On the other hand, if we don’t leave this world, we can only be the last memory that hurts alone anyway and has no meaning, so we decided to move on and hit everything. That’s when I went to China and hit everything.

How supportive were you at the time?
Golf: He doesn’t really talk about his feelings here. Glough later heard that this was happening, but later I tried to ask him, but like Mike, he didn’t open much; he didn’t talk about feelings.
Mike: My parents didn’t talk about it. I mean, there were a lot of stories, and we didn’t know how to put them together, but I knew in my head that this was what we were going through. I thought these feelings, if I said them, were useless, so I didn’t say them. In the end, we have to solve this problem ourselves. No one can help you but yourself. I’ve questioned myself about whether what we’ve encountered is good or bad. After that, I always had all the answers to what had happened. Whether it’s bad or good, you’ll know in the future.

Now that I’m looking, this year is the time to figure out how I can get out of these feelings. I still can’t find it today. I still don’t know the answer. I tried to do it in the old days, do it, and be happy, but now I do it and I am not happy. Even if you eat what you used to eat that was delicious, it isn’t delicious. The happiest thing I did was just feel like I had to ask myself what it was, but I kept doing it because I wanted to find out where it was wrong or if my happiness wasn’t here anymore and where it was. What exactly do we want? That’s one of the reasons why I’m willing to come back for a Griffin Mike concert this year. Actually, I’m really scared to be back here working with the old days even after it’s cleared. With the drama in my heart, it never went away, so I took the Griffin Mike concert as one of those spots to reassure myself. Want to transcend these feelings? I want to blow it up on this stage and make me happy. There’s passion again.

Are you happy to have this sibling?
Mike: Of course.
Golf : They don’t usually talk to each other, they talk very little. Emotional matters.
Mike: Thank you so much for being here and always there. We don’t usually talk to each other or anything, but when we have problems or something, Glove has always been there from the beginning.
Golf : I really love you (crying) and I want you to talk to me.
Mike: It’s been nothing lately, and I can’t imagine what to say. Don’t worry. Now you’re strong.