Oh, Chutima cries! Love without limits I want to meet a sincere person who is not flirty.

Ae Chutima opens her heart and tells the story of the reason why she was hit by a bully. Update single life after falling in love with a younger boyfriend Cry for a lover who is sincere and not flirtatious once.

A famous actress with a degree of beauty at the level of Miss Thai Ae-Chutima Naiyana came out to open her heart and recount the reason for being hit by a bully. Update single life after 6 years of love with a younger boyfriend Now the hottest There are a lot of people flirting. Ready to admit that being LGBTQ, love is not limited to gender. Crying for a sincere lover who doesn’t flirt once in the program WOODY INTERVIEW

The heaviest story in the past 6-7 years ?

Ae Chutima: This will be the first item Ae will say. I’ve never spoken about this to anyone. If anyone really looks at me I’ve been Dee since I was a kid. Never liked a guy before since elementary school. Never had a boyfriend before Just had a boyfriend for the first time. because it is a Miss Thai I have had a boyfriend with Tom since high school. 1 – m. 6 I got Miss Thai, year 1, equal to 7 years, and when I was Miss Thai, the news came out that I hit the cymbals and everything came to me. Then let me quit and to live as a woman with a boyfriend But before the society didn’t accept it, had to stop crying every day, very tied together. he is good Always take care of you Today we are still good friends. After that, he started dating men and was fooled. Deceived all the money, so we stopped and returned to Tom as before, without anyone in the entertainment industry knowing, not telling anyone, but there was news.

Is it possible today P’Ae is LQBTQ?

Ae Chutima: Yes, it’s really been a long time. but never told anyone with the crown And there is no Miss Thai like me Eh, not limited to gender at all. Love is all beautiful The woman he was with was warm but he was jealous. But not hurting us, not flirting Men are warm or warm, but some men are flirtatious. Flirting hurts women. A single-minded woman like elder want to meet a sincere person don’t want rich people I need someone who works with me Be sincere and create the future together. stay together until the last day Regardless of gender, I wish you true love. I don’t want anything from you I wish you good love Once (crying) that is sincere, not flirtatious Be a lover who truly loves you. Love you very much. Anyone who is a good person, don’t lie to us. Let’s build our dreams together. and see that we are valuable

You must definitely meet someone who deserves it. But during this time, are you single ?

Ae Chutima: Yes, I want to be single for a long time. I don’t want to cry, but the feeling inside is like I’m a hundred percent person with a lot of girlfriends. One hundred percent with all the people I love. I don’t understand why you have to flirt. Why can’t it be the same love? I’ve seen this all my life that’s why I’m dating Tom. To be honest, I broke up with my ex. Tom flirts with you a lot. a lot of men I’m not ready to open up to anyone right now. Because the age is 55, if you are sure that you will really go with Ae You have to wait. Only sincere people even if rich In the end, time in the coffin cannot take money and gold. Goodness will always be with us. Is a person who is very devoted to his girlfriend. For 6-7 years, the mystery breaks up with his girlfriend every time. Not a single person has passed 7 years, we’re surprised, but at least. People who used to date him love us. But with his age, when he entered the 6th year, he began to enjoy having fun with girls at night. So it forced us to step back. He reconciled us, but I’m done.

Why do you prefer younger people? Eh Chutima: We are fun people. When I’m with friends or with kids, I’m begging like a kid. From childhood until growing up, I like younger people already. this is the youngest But there’s a distance difference. The youngest had to accept that one day this child When I started to learn to grow up, there was a society that one day he would definitely go somewhere else, I had already thought about it because we had a lot of gay friends and girl friends. Friends will teach us that we are at this age. There is no love for children to take us seriously at this age. We also understood because one day he would want to have a family. Which P’Ae can’t have children, we are 31 years apart, we try to teach them to be both mothers, wives, friends and elders. He is also a teacher everything is taught But at one point that makes a woman like you so strong, you really have to go, my bully! When they love each other, they are sweet and sweet on TV! People who love each other don’t want to be sweet on TV. What should they do? As for people who break up, they break up. Some people don’t understand. Some people come to scold us and aggravate it. Sometimes it’s resentful. Love is about two people, regardless of gender. Breaking up with your girlfriend is already painful enough to aggravate for I don’t really care, but the feeling is that I want to sue and pay me with money.

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