Open the corner of love “Chef Pom”, happiness that does not possess and does not expect

Reveal another life of “Chef Pom” or “ML Kwanthip Devakul”, a nutritionist and famous chef from a famous program. Master Chef Thailand Many people are familiar with the image of a formidable strong woman through cooking programs. Most recently, Chef Pom opened up on WOODY FM, telling her about living happily with understanding. Tell a love corner that has space for each other without possession without expectation. Until raising a child who is like a friend without being a burden and a burden

We talked in WOODY FM last time, it’s been 4 years. Your life besides Master Chef, is there anything new discovered about being a human during the past 4 years?

Chef Pom: It’s not something new. But it is the degree that I started to meet when I was older. and happier with it more and more to work every day It’s what I love and do. And who said that he was still happy at home was steadily increasing happiness everyone likes to ask why staying alone is not lonely. People who are in a relationship are still different people. because we have space for each other This is a good understanding. and I understand a lot more things in life If you don’t like or resent anything as much as before, you can do better by not being in my life. and then speak more politely and more systematically

When you say that someone who is in a relationship means what does it mean to be a girlfriend?
Chef Pom : Yes, but with more friendship This is the point that I assume. When you were young, when you were young, when you want to have a girlfriend, you want to possess. But now I’m more like a friend. And enjoy life like that too. become like an elderly person who has a friend to hang out with go do any activity together I’m happy there And on days when I’m tired, I want to rest. There will be a field in your area. So life is happy, we don’t have to expect anything from anyone. And no one has to expect from us. in our being, his being

In the past there was definitely a difference. because when they got married in those days, they were in the same area all the time And you don’t have space to yourself?
Chef Pom : But don’t forget. before getting married or having a girlfriend We haven’t really thought about our area yet, everyone? use the word want to possess want to own more Sometimes it makes us lose ourselves when we want to be alone. and the other party will lose his identity But not everyone, some people are together all the time.

Listening to your stories, I think about the lives of many couples as well. that he actually saw some people separated Because it’s the comfort of both parties?
Chef Pom: I see it like Mr. Woody. Married, each person lives in a condo. He’s nice and he’s happy. He wasn’t angry with each other. and separated

Did you know that you raise your child like a friend?
Chef Pom: Really, for my son, as I said before, raising him until 15 years old, I will stop nagging with him. Nowadays, every child and mother are different. I’m in each place. Because his son is a man when he grows up, he doesn’t want a mother to protect him all the time. It lost his masculinity. Here I think. and then, good and evil, we have taught. He was free to choose his life. I want to live anyway want to be alone My mother didn’t force me to get married. But we must take good care of our partner. But when it’s time, I will call you.

Today mom did this Mother’s Songkran is not going anywhere. Who wants to come to eat at Ban Mee? Just pop up I’m in my place. I’m not in trouble. And I told my son that my mother had life insurance. What health insurance Please write it down. Don’t waste money to raise your mother. The mother has the strength to pay full insurance premiums because she will not harm her child when she is old. this is what I said to my son. The child can earn a living. Children would want to spend their money. Therefore, my mother bought insurance at full rate. Tell your child that if the insurance limit runs out, they can kick the plug (laughs).

Of course, we are at an age where we have to go to funerals rather than weddings. Friends around us are gradually disappearing. How prepared are you for this?
Chef Pom: Whatever it is, it can happen. We’ve heard a lot about people who are healthy and suddenly get sick. You might as well go tomorrow. but I pray only that I don’t want to lie in bed I made myself as strong as possible. But whatever happens, I can’t help it. but asked if I was afraid to die I’m not afraid to die just don’t want to suffer I don’t want to just lie in bed. and is a burden