So grateful! dollars on the day when the eyes give lady spider

open up for the first time After the symptoms worsened, the heart stopped beating for 12 minutes.

A couple whose illness cannot take away happiness and sweetness from both of them. Khunying Spider – M.R. Srikhamrung Yukol and Seh.Dollar – Major General Patchara Rattakul opened up for the first time! After the severe collapse, the heart stopped beating for 12 minutes, despite having to face obstacles in life. But both of them still hold hands and share suffering together. Ready to reveal the secret that Seth. Dollar has never told Lady Spider before. This event made the team cry together. Welcome the month of love with a story that many people are impressed with. Let’s appreciate the true love and stability that the two gave each other in WOODY EXCLUSIVE.

Lady Spider : This is the first show where Spiders come out.

Why did you decide to move to Chiang Mai, Dollar?

Lady Spider : We already like Chiang Mai.

Dollar: We already like Chiang Mai. But the spider has been in the hospital for many years since the year 61 when he became sick and has been living for a really long time since 62. So far, 99% of them are in the hospital. So we thought that we wanted him to try to go outside the hospital and if there was a problem, go see a doctor. gradually return to dialysis The most suitable is Chiang Mai because he likes air, food, nature. He has been at the hospital for over 2 years. When he came here, the doctors in Bangkok coordinated with the doctors in Chiang Mai and then went to the hospital in the city for dialysis 3-4 times a week. Once, in the case of a spider kidney, it was broken and had to be changed to a transplant transplant, which we had to wait for donations from the Red Cross. While waiting for a kidney transplant, dialysis is required.

Have you waited long, Brother Dollar ?

Dollar: It’s been 2 years.

Recently, what did you do in Bangkok ?

Dollar: Well, at that time, the condition was not good, there was an infection. Because he had SLE disease, he took a lot of immunosuppressants. Therefore, there is a chance to be infected all the time. Then it’s dangerous he has pancreatitis due to his disease. Had a very bad stomachache and went to the hospital in Chiang Mai. Staying in the hospital in Chiang Mai for 4-5 days, the condition is not good. The platelet count was very low, so he took me back to Bangkok to see the team doctor who had been treating me for over 2 years.

The image that I remembered Spider was that he was happy doing drama. What do you miss the most about content creation?

Lady Spider : Very, very everything. Spider enjoys working. It’s fun, it’s like releasing what’s in the brain. Imagination and using creativity too.

Spiders do many things. Since he was a teenager, he is very creative, likes to design, likes to design, is there still a chance to use creativity today?

Lady Spider : There is a chance to shoot a music video. Directing a music video Being a senior from The Keylookz band, we had the opportunity to listen to his work. and then become close And the spider really liked this song. He told us to take a MV for us, and the spider said he couldn’t see it, how could it be taken? Dollar asked us to explain what was in our brain to DOP (Director of Photography), he had worked with spiders before. It’s easy to understand. Brother Dollar will also be the eye of the spider.

In fact, Pee Dollar can find a job for him to direct. and then he passed it on to elder Because Dollar is already familiar with the taste of spiders?

Dollar: Yes, I think it’s at some level.

Lady Spider : Very used to shopping for everything. Pick out all the clothes.

Do you know what your fashion on Instagram is the most sour?

Lady Spider: I don’t know.

Dollar: I’ll explain it to him.

It’s amazing that everyone who watches Instagram He doesn’t look at you in a wheelchair, he looks at fashion. Will you tell a spider when shopping for something that Dollar does?

Lady Spider: Tell me to touch it, tell me the color, tell me the style.

Dollar: He’ll ask every step of the way. We have to explain everything to him from the moment we choose. Take it and explain it to him. Put it on and explain it to him.

Lady Spider : What is the match with? Like today, Elder Dollar’s glasses chose

Does the spider realize that you travel a lot?

Lady Spider : I haven’t gone anywhere. Most of them went out to close friends weddings. Just 3 people get married in a row, so it looks like they go out a lot. But actually in most hospitals.

It’s the happiest thing about dressing up. ?

Lady Spider : Actually, working is the happiest. The spider has another project. Make the dipping sauce like sweet chicken dipping sauce. Use the name of grilled chicken, big tiger. Sold at Foodland and various supermarkets.

had a chance to see the Wedding The couple’s video was about 10 years ago. Do you remember at the wedding what did you say about spiders?

Dollar: Remember we said we’d take care of him until he died.

And what in the past that everyone saw that you could take care of could use the word “excellent”? like both were born for each other Brother Dollar wakes up thinking only of spiders these days, right?

Dollar: Think of him as number one. But I have other things. which must be remembered, my brother still has to work But the spider came first for me.

How do you divide your time?

Dollar: It’s hard too, but we can do it. We only have 24 hours. We can stay with him day and night, but I can do it. which has a relatively strong team to help manage the work as well and took the time to see the spiders

Many people may not know that spiders have died once. with a sudden heart attack while being hospitalized with cardiac arrest for 12 minutes

Lady Spider : Spider had a 12-minute heart attack.


Dollar: On November 18, he had a 12-minute heart attack in the hospital while on dialysis. Then that day was a misfortune that I never went anywhere, but that day I had to go to the bank. Well, that morning the spider was not feeling well and was unable to breathe. I started to warn the doctor and told me to come take a look, the condition is not good. The doctor called and ordered to change the ventilator to a High Flow type. I watched as all vital signs started to improve. I’ll tell you just one moment. because elder made an appointment at the bank for half an hour After completing the transaction, I received a call from the hospital saying heart attack spider cardiac arrest I ran to get in the car on the way from Siam Square back to the hospital. It took more than 10 minutes. At that time, I called back 3 times. I remember that the first time was 3 minutes without a pulse, 6 minutes without a pulse and 10 minutes hadn’t arrived. I still don’t have a pulse. I’ve made up my mind. It’s impossible

When he arrived at the hospital at the 11th minute, he called and told him his pulse had arrived. You’re like winning the lottery He called in the 12th minute that the heart had arrived. I ran up to him about the 13th minute. Very fortunate that one was in the hospital. Heart attack at the hospital, so the equipment is ready. Secondly, the doctor who was in charge of the spider, when he received a phone call saying that he was in bad shape, pressed Cord, in hospital terminology it meant Cord 3. This means that everyone must crowd at this patient. Everyone rushed to prepare the defibrillator before the heart stopped beating. The important thing is that if a person has a heart attack for more than 4 minutes, the brain will die. To be revived as a vegetable but since we are at the hospital The nurse helped pump the heart from the first moment the heart stopped beating, giving oxygen to the brain all the time, so there was no permanent damage to the brain.

at the time of a heart attack Tell P’Woody about how it was when I left. And what was it like when you came back?

Lady Spider : When I went, I didn’t feel anything. I woke up and didn’t feel the same. It’s more like sleeping. Still telling Elder Dollar that he said he saw white light, what did he see? It’s all a lie. We didn’t see anything.

Dollar: Well, he’s been in a coma for 2 days, we’re in great distress, we don’t know if he’ll wake up. What if he woke up? no one can answer The doctor couldn’t answer.

Do you think we’ll lose our wives then?

Dollar : Thinking about it, I still have hope because he fights.

Where did the spider get the encouragement from, tell me?

Lady Spider : Lots and lots of encouragement from Pee Dollar. From a lot of family, friends are spiders, fortunate that the people around you support and make the corner feel warm. and always encouraged

Many people are afraid of leaving. Are Dollar and the spider scared?

Dollar: I’m not afraid, I think it’s natural, one day I have to go. While we are alive, I think we should appreciate or value things. that he came each day and do the best that day Without letting anyone else suffer

Lady Spider : No, the spider thinks she has lived her life to the fullest. When I was a teenager, I traveled the most. When working, do the same. Everything was as if we had passed through happily, without any regrets.

The elder spider is picking up a golden watch with the words PDR. Then why did Elder Dollar engrave this message? And when did this clock happen?

Dollar: PDR is Patchara Dollar Rattakul. I like to use this watch as my watch already. But the day the spider had a heart attack in a coma, I didn’t know if he would recover in the future. How are you back? It’s so lonely I didn’t know what to do, so I sat and waited in the ICU for 3-4 days. I believe that he must come back with strength and strength. And the smile that I’ve seen My subordinates went to do it and brought it back to me.

Did you tell him?

Dollar: I didn’t say.

Lady Spider : The spider doesn’t know anything. Where is it carved?

Dollar: My favorite watch. Engraved on the back saying Waiting For when your come back with strangth and smile again. With encouragement and smiles again Hugs Dollar: He must be able to walk again. I have confidence I believe that within a year he must be able to walk