“Sorn Chonnasorn” used to think about leaving the industry while describing the depth of the intimacy of Thai children in the Korean industry.

Sorn Chonnasorn Sajakul, or Sorn CLC, a Thai idol who became famous in the K-Pop industry and a former member of the girl group CLC, recently opened up on Woody FM about the drama that has passed. After leaving the Korean music label, Kuang even thought about quitting singing and leaving the industry. and lessons from past mistakes Ready to talk about how close they are with Thai children in the Korean industry like Lisa, BamBam, and other artists.

How old was Korea at that time?
Sorn : debuted at the age of 18–19.

Time has passed. Become an artist in a Thai children’s gang who go to live in Korea together. How can we meet because each person is different? How did you become a group with a LINE group?
Sorn: It was when Sorn was about to move to Korea. At first, Sorn took singing lessons with Kru Roj. Then the teacher tells Sorn that there are two younger siblings who have already gone, namely BamBam and Lisa, who used to study with other teachers under Kru Roj. So I said, I’ll give you a contact. You go to contact each other so that you will have friends over there. At that time, Sorn was only one year apart from BamBam and Lisa. So I got on LINE and messaged him.

And when we were trainees, we all got Sunday off. JYP Entertainment and Cube Entertainment were next to each other. When we had lunch, we had to go to the same place. Then Sorn met Bam since he was a small child, so Eh! Surely this young man’s name is Bam Bam, so he went to greet him.

Today is considered a good opportunity. because I have never officially spoken to Sorn. Sorn went to his debut as if he already knew that there would be a new boy coming in, so they became friends. As for Lisa, she is with YG Entertainment. I told him that we had just arrived in Korea. So he said that if Sunday is free to meet At that time, they were 14–15 years old. Two children sat down to eat together, while Minnie was the next Thai trainee after Sorn. Sorn has debuted.

The camp also said that there will be a new kid; please go and see it. His father and mother were worried about him. From the first day you enter, you will see Minnie as a younger brother. Always take care of yourself. As for Phi Nichkhun Everyone already knows each other. And in the group line, there will be another Ten, which we will know through friends. Others are the same. So I created a LINE group for friends to talk to. So it became a group of close friends who are in the same industry.

Have you met in the past 10 years?
Sorn: See you sometime. like going to eat at someone’s house or going to eat at any restaurant, But with everyone busy Maybe we haven’t met yet. Sometimes it’s three people, sometimes it’s four, sometimes it’s just girls, or something like that.

When we are together, will the Thai gang over there speak Korean or Thai?
Sorn: (laughs) is time together. Used to tease each other that if someone came to see us talking, they would probably be annoyed. Because we will speak English, Thai words, Korean words, which is to speak in a different language. Maybe I’m still confused talking to myself. Because it’s like they can’t switch in time until Sorn thinks that he is very lucky. who have friends in the same industry who are successful like this because it allows us to see the scale that if we are going to be very good, it must be like this. But if it’s not good at all, it will be like this. Sorn sees the scope of the best and not the best. We know what he has to go through and what needs to be done. Sorn took that place to learn.

When I quit at that time, life shouldn’t be the same as the first time. I believe that Sorn will find many stories. that may never open up. Our selves and being famous There are many things that may not catch your eye. or make some people dislike it. What events do you think of about your past self that you feel teach us something?
Sorn: In the past, there were quite a lot of issues. Like doing something without thinking

Is it because Sorn can control himself on social media or not?
Sorn: Yes, when we start to open Instagram, Tiktok, and Youtube, the camp will not control that much. So it turns out that when we do anything, we can do anything ourselves. free to go down Cut the picture now, so I became a more thoughtful person rather than learning from the past. From what we used to do here and there, it turns out that I don’t want to go down as much. and rarely revealing what he was thinking or doing because we are afraid that it will be wrong again.

What is the identity of Sorn ?
Sorn: A person who is very introverted is an introvert. And he doesn’t like hanging out with other people. Because they don’t have the energy to socialize with other people. but as someone who has a switch It opens and closes with professionalism, too. So it turns out that if you have to open it, open it. If it has to be closed, it will be quiet and alone. quite sensitive There are a lot of emoticons. I’m a very emotional person. At home, my brothers and sisters, who grew up together, would like to say that Sorn is a very sensitive child.

Maybe in a good mood Maybe he’s in a bad mood. and is a person who likes to work a lot. When there is no job, he will find one for himself. There will never be a day at home alone. When you don’t do it, you’ll feel like you can’t keep up with him. It’s my set that makes Sorn keep pushing herself. A day without work or doing nothing means we lose a day to get closer to the goal. With the fact that nowadays there are many celebrities and influencers. We will feel as if we are slowly fading away.

Have you ever felt unhappy with yourself in the past? When leaving the camp for the past 1-2 years, there was a flash that I was lost. I don’t know where to go next.
Sorn: There are frequent flashes. When I left the old agency, I felt that we were no longer K-pop because we didn’t have CLC, so we thought, Where should we go after Korea? We don’t have a girl group anymore. We didn’t release Korean songs. Therefore, it no longer makes sense to call ourselves K-pop, and Sorn himself prefers pop-style music. more western music, so I want to go there. I thought in my heart that it’s okay; I want to go to LA.

If anyone follows Instagram, You will know that Sorn is a person who likes LA very much and wants to live there. want to make that song Every time I go, I will be very happy. is wanting to stay But asked if, in terms of a career, I can go to live or not? But do you have a market? Has anyone seen it yet? There hasn’t been anyone over there who will certify us—agencies or companies that can confirm whether you will be able to build a career there or not. If you can’t go to LA, you have to go back to Thailand.

But while coming out of CLC, there were continual issues. And in Thailand, there are still many people who don’t like us. So I thought in my heart that if I went back to Thailand, it must have been very stressful. I’m afraid that at that time, there were still many people who didn’t want us anymore. People don’t like us so much that even Thai fans have to DM us to tell us that Nong Sorn doesn’t want to support us openly. Because he was afraid that other people would attack him, he told me to send him a DM. It’s too much for me to sit and solve them one by one.

So I thought that now was not the time for us to go back to our hometown. At that time, it was a very tumultuous time. But we still don’t want to give up on our dreams. At that time, I thought that it was really capable, but if there was no market or country that supported us, it couldn’t survive. Or quit. Before signing with Wild Entertainment At first, Sorn told everyone that it was better to quit until he met WILD Entertainment. Fortunately, the timing was very good. There are jobs in Singapore that keep coming in. and went to find a favorite producer. I keep trying to make music. Until it became today

In the past 10 years, have you been in love? What type of fan are you?
Sorn: I’m a person who likes to take care of people a lot. and very happy when taking care of your own girlfriend. Everyone who has been in a relationship has been in a relationship for 2–3 years or more. They are people who like serious relationships that are stable and like people who can support us at work. Actually, people who like to take care of others It’s not just a fan; it’s everyone around you. I’m happy to help people.

Most of them are Thai or foreigners.
Sorn: I haven’t been in a relationship with a Thai person, but I’m dating a foreigner. Most of them are Korean Americans. I’ve never been in a Korean relationship. I’ve never been with Thai people. They don’t know if it’s because they’ve grown up or not. But at this time, it is not a specification either. The mood is that if it clicks, it means it clicks without caring what state it is in. I’m still single. Think of what will happen, not the person who is out. That is, we are more focused and happy with our work.