“Yogurt” can heal your own heart because of forgiveness.

Launch EP. First for the program “On the way with Chom” with superstars . “Chompoo – Araya A. Hargate” acting as the MCs. A program that talks about taking care of yourself in every aspect, including your health and living your life to look good. We have reached the point where we must take action to create a better life. Learn from people who really know, do real things, make real changes. Let you seriously organize your life. The first guest is the hot single lady “Yogurt Natthachat” who comes to share her perspective on life to heal the heart with stories from the past. By balancing your life in a way that is just right and good enough in your own style. Ready to reveal that now she plans to leave her eggs for 10 years to wait for her future husband. Chompoo gives strength to reveal Nong Gale’s egg collection. Even at age 40, she can still do it.

How is your life now?
Yogurt: Both body and mind improve. Come back to taking care of your body in a balanced way. I don’t want to exercise like overtraining because it will ruin my whole body and my mind, which means I’m thin and skinny. I’ve had my fat percentage measured very low, stepping on the line that it would be bad for my health. That time was bad. But now it’s back and the fat percentage is within a number that we’re okay with.

Always a skinny person?
Yogurt: Always shaped like this. Because Yo tends to take care of herself regularly, whether during that time we are working or at home. I feel that my body and mind are the most valuable assets for us. You have to take care of yourself at all times. Yo is a person with high self-discipline. Use methods that are appropriate and good enough. Balance. Exercise approximately 5-6 days per week. We will choose a variety of ways to exercise for him. Do it all, whether it’s cardio, yoga, muscle stretching, strength training, endurance training. I will do a little bit of each thing. Emphasis on balance in both exercise and life. I once went to do a DNA test. I don’t have any sports skills, but I exercise because of my body. We want a beautiful figure. But another thing that follows is health. We feel good and refreshed.

Normally, I am someone who takes care of myself. But there was a time when Yo said that there was some deterioration. As for our body, how do we heal ourselves?
Yogurt: Try to get yourself back into your daily routine. We try to do new things and meet new people to stimulate us. For example, there is a new trainer to motivate. There is a new environment to stimulate. Because we want to be beautiful for a long time. Have good health for a long time.

And is your mental state right now?
Yogurt: Better, not 100% accurate, but better.

How do you get past it?
Yogurt: Turn to love yourself. Value yourself Loving yourself is the best foundation of love. However, loving yourself must not hurt anyone. Another thing that I think can heal myself back up is forgiveness. In the end, if you want to Move On, you can overcome this matter. Yo feels that our hearts must really be happy.

Is there someone to flirt with?
Yogurt: No, it’s not closed, but at this time it might be quite busy. Or do you have time to go see something new? Or open to something like that?

Why do you want to have children now?
Yogurt: I’m surprised too. Because before this I had no idea that I wanted to have one at all. It doesn’t depend on you alone. Building a family depends on our partners as well. At that time, both of us had the idea that if we were a couple, we wouldn’t have children. But now we’ll wait for our new future husband (laughs) to see if he wants to have children. But we have a plan to leave the eggs first. When my future husband comes, let’s talk about it.

Where do you go for consultation?
Yogurt: We’ll talk. You’ll know a bit about the process, how to prepare, what not to eat, if you have hormone injections, your stomach will be bloated.
Chompoo: Yes, the last day before going to collect eggs is like being 4 months pregnant. Even more so if you get a lot of eggs. A full stomach is extremely swollen.
Yogurt: You intend to keep it like this for 10 years. Now you’re 37, right? It feels like our body isn’t just aging, but it still feels young. If you have children over the age of 40, I think you should be able to do it. Because technology has gone further than it already is.

Do you think 47 will be able to get pregnant?
Yogurt: Probably not, but I believe over 40 should be possible.
Chompoo: Yes, P’Safa and P’Payu are eggs at the age of 35, that is, pick them up and do it. After that, what happened to Covid? I’ve always tried to have Nong Gale. But in this house, I don’t know what’s wrong with it. I kept it, but the man got a woman to use it and was disappointed. Until I got Nong Gale, an egg at the age of 40, that is, I picked it up one day before my 40th birthday, as you can see.
Yogurt: Yo can still be yogurt like this.
Chompoo: I’m still here. It’s an encouragement to those who are still trying to live. That I can still be 40.

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