“Pop Pongkool” reveals his bravery on stage.

The program “HELLO ENGFA Ing Fah Maha Na Thoe” EP. Ing Fah comes in with the look of the CEO, a heartbroken disciple, and orbits to meet with the good-natured singer “Pop Pongkool” again, known as the origin of Ing Fah, as can be said from the Voice stage. This event is called Tab Muk Bo Ba Ha. Spread the screams and shout the studio.

Ingfah asked Pop Pongkool about a time when there was a very heavy drama about love. Is there any way to cope that can overcome that point? Let today be on the same beautiful path ?
“First of all, we have to admit that this was a mistake. When something goes wrong, we feel that it’s important that the negative consequences stay with us for the rest of our lives. We rarely encountered problems and struggled with them, so when we did, we felt that we couldn’t do it anymore. Had to go down and fix it at its foundation. After the story started, we went down to make corrections with the whole family. with everyone involved. Everyone behind us must not leave him hurt. Today, our happiness is that we can still meet face-to-face. Meet his family. I’m still able to talk to him like he’s okay with us.

After that, both of them told about the heart-thumping songs of Ing Fah and Pop Pong Kool that they could not stop singing. because when did you hear Tears? It reminded me of the past every time, and Pop Pongkool revealed his boiling experience on stage more than 20 years ago.
meaning that a customer in the store came up and grabbed the microphone to sing. Which day we could not take it and were very frustrated. Kick the customer’s chair and walk out. And then we thought in our minds that we were fired from that restaurant. But fortunately, the owner said that I would punish her the next time she ordered food from my restaurant. She can no longer order more fried eggs. Thanks to my mother for giving me the opportunity.”

At the end of the list, Ingfah told about a time when he was depressed until the nanny said
“You have already begun to swing people around you. We are really unaware. One because we work a lot. We always live on the expectations of others; we are pushed a lot, and sometimes we feel like we are not ourselves. The third is a little rest. I have no time for myself; I am not charging the battery for myself. which, today, would still have to take medicine.