Open the specification for “Ingfa Varaha” and the dog Kiew that help heal the heart.

The program Talk Ka Taat This is “Pandan Suwapit.” Take me to meet the public’s favorite beauty queen, “Ingfa Varaha,” and the little boss, “Nong Kiew” Chihuahua dog that must be said to be cured for 4 days He doesn’t like loud noises and sleeps up late because he likes to sleep with slaves, but he is not easy to feed and is dumb lottery straight.

Kiew are like healing, which helps Ingfa feel happier.
Ingfa: Yes, I can’t imagine how we would live without him, because one of the things we really fear is bonding. He’s in the middle of his life. Our moments are varied. Sometimes we don’t have a friend we trust to tell anyone that we’ve been through today, so they’ll be in the safe zone that we’re comfortable with. I believe in one word when he says dog or pet: that we’re his whole world.

In addition to Kiew, Would you like to find someone to take care of your heart?
Ingfa: I want to have one. I’m 30 years old. I want someone who can feel abandoned when I get off work or something like this, but at the end of the day, there is still a lot of work to do, so we can’t leave ourselves to anyone. Just having dumplings feels like it can fill in here. But if you’re going to love him like we do, you have to love him like we do.

What kind of blue specs is it?
Ingfa: Actually, there is no fixed one, but I like attractive people, but if it is an external appearance, I feel that there is one thing that we like, namely teeth. Time to smile When I speak, I prefer people when we meet at work or in everyday life than online. If you are also an animal lover, it will make you look cute and like it (laughs).