“Nat Nisa” happy single life has a lot to talk to and reveals how to deal with drama!

I can tell you that it is very bang, Nut brother! For this EP, the young host “Baitoei Zuvapit” Take to the warm home of famous YouTuber and influencer ” Nat-Nisamnee Lertworapong ” and meet the high-society boss of the Sphinx cat named “Nong Kraduk” with a 6-figure fee. He also talks about his single life that is now very happy. There’s a lot of people talking and revealing how to deal with drama. On the show “Talk Ka Taat”

Nat Nisamanee” He told me about his life after coming back to be single… I’m single now. I mean, at first, before I quit, I was stressed that I was a shemale too. Over 30, is anyone going to take us? When the final settle was, okay, we started over, and it turned out it wasn’t that scary, trying to talk to new people, because when we talked to our ex-boyfriend, we talked when we were kids. There were different ideas back then. Today, when people come to talk to us, we talk with a different attitude. But if you ask us not to hurry, let’s be girlfriends because we talk a lot right now! (laughs) I just don’t feel like I’m closing in on my chances; I want to enjoy them because, in the end, we rush into a relationship with someone; maybe there’s someone 101 who is even better. Make some money first.

How does the drama pass ?

Nut Nisamanee: There are two ways: you have to see that the story that has happened is uncomfortable. Are we wrong? Because if we don’t accept it, it will feel like a knot all the time, and if we accept it, it will pass. We’re wrong, so next we’ll learn not to do it, but if it’s a drama that we’re not guilty of, but it’s caused by being who we are, and other people are not happy with that, we have to let it pass. We can’t change ourselves every day. Sometimes it’s not because we’re wrong. It was from someone else’s corner, and he was just not happy with that. If we had to change everyone’s mindset, we would not be happy at all. Which used to be like that, today is to believe that happiness, who will see us, is not about him, not us anymore.