Yin-War reveals the future of the entertainment industry.

Two famous TV series actors who love teenagers Yin-Anan Wong and Wor-Vanarat Rasameerat teamed up to invade the program “HELLO ENGFA Ingfah Mahana Ther”. This event made Ing Fah Waraha even shed tears! Ready to tell about the most brutal deeds in school age and reveal the status of their relationship. What will the future of the entertainment industry look like? In the beginning, Ing Fah asked Yin-War whether they had been together for 3 years and had they ever had a fight. to which both replied that they had never quarreled. In addition, she slapped the joke, causing Ing Fah to shed tears in the middle of the program. Because laughing tears flowed together.

He then asked if there had been any incidents where Jin fans were beyond the boundaries.
War: Yes, for example, telling us to kiss each other.
Yin: How do other couples not know? But our partner has been talking clearly from the beginning. That is, we are actors, and what we do will do our best for both of us. But the ending is the end.
War: Anything that is satisfying to do is why we do it. I have to say like this that we will hold on to the fact that we are an actor’s profession. Do your best in the parts of the show that interest you. Beyond that, it’s us.

Nowadays, there is more freedom to express love. make people more open When people come to see or consume his work, is he really happy?
Yin: I share my own view. I feel like it’s a good thing to do a Y series. Our home is doing more and more. It’s like I look at Japan as anime. In Korea, we also look at K-POP, and now in Thailand, we can produce the Y series. causing foreigners to look Making a Y series makes people understand more. and have a greater chance of being accepted by more international
War: It’s a good story, and it should be as natural as possible. Gender is a natural thing. For example, Pride Month shouldn’t be an event that requires reinstatement or marriage equality; it really should. should be a day to celebrate

Do you look at the future of Yin-War?
War: I think in terms of work or anything, nothing will last forever. One day, we had to separate. But the relationship should last forever. If there is no problem, there is a misunderstanding.
Yin: It’s not just us. We were focused on Yin-War, but really, we were family as a whole team. All managers, I think, are family, so even if, in 10 years, Yin-War is no longer a name in the entertainment industry, But in the end, this name is the name of a friend.

The bravest deeds in school age?
War: It’s a terrible thing; don’t follow it. I used to steal a mechanical pencil from a shop near the school. Actually, we only have friends who invite them. But we are not happy all day. It got cold, so I secretly took it back.
Yin: During Primary 1, children are allowed to go out to buy lunch snacks. Uncle and aunt are two people, and they crowd together to pay money. I picked it up to pay and submitted it for a long time. I didn’t accept it. So pick it up and leave. which is done many times. But in the end, before leaving, I gave my uncle 1,000 baht, and snacks were 5 baht, thinking that it would be the value that we could bring.